Trump won a battle with social media:Twitter CEO apologized, which is not good for Biden

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On the 17th, President Trump won the latest round of battle with the social media giant, Twitter!

Twitter the company’s CEO apologized, saying that “unconfirmed negative Biden news” should not be blocked. This Let the Trump campaign achieve a temporary victory.

On the day, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the company blocked unconfirmed news of Biden“exchanging interests” with Ukraine Reporting is a wrong decision. The company’s handling of the matter has caused Trump’s side, especially the ultra-right people in the United States, to attack the content censorship system of Twitter.

The CEO wrote on Twitter:”It is wrong to directly block the link to this report. We have updated our policy and implementation strategy to solve this problem.”

“Our goal is to try to add context to controversial content, and now we have the ability to do this.”

Twitter initially banned people from sharing this article by Trump on Thursday. The private lawyer Giuliani reported on the New York Post report of the incident, but on Friday, Twitter again allowed users to publish the report link. This incident shows that social media platforms are also facing unprecedented challenges in terms of social media, disinformation, and the upcoming US election. The final stage of the election is full of dramatic events that change rapidly.

After being severely criticized, the social media company’s executives announced later on Friday that they would change their policy on hacking content-information shared by Giuliani may have come from hackers hacking into Biden The behavior of the son’s computer, Twitter said at the time that existing rules prohibit the publication of content obtained by hackers. Dorsey subsequently issued the above-mentioned apology.


this The social media company’s legal, policy, trust and security director Vijaya Gad said that unless it is shared directly by hackers or their colleagues, social media will no longer delete content stolen by hackers.

She said that Twitter will tag such content in the future to provide context instead of preventing links from being shared. She said,”We want to allay people’s concerns that Twitter may bring many unexpected consequences to reporters, whistleblowers, and others. These consequences run counter to Twitter’s purpose of serving public dialogue.”

This week, Twitter and Facebook took swift action to limit this article published by the New York Post The report spread on the Internet. The New York Post reported that the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden sent some e-mails that involved inviting some business people in Ukraine to meet with the then Vice President Biden himself. There was a conflict of interest. According to reports, these emails were discovered by President Donald Trump’s allies”through a small computer repair shop.”

However, this report could not confirm whether Biden actually met with these Ukrainians, nor could it confirm what content the two sides had discussed if a meeting occurred. Even this story has not been checked and verified by other publishing media.

After the news was exposed, Twitter’s initial response was to prohibit users from sharing the link to this article in postings and direct messages, on the grounds that this violated the company’s policy of prohibiting hacking of content from being posted online. . But it wasn’t until a few hours later that it released some tags explaining why users could not share the link.

But on Friday, people are free to post this Links to news reports. Twitter stated that this is because the information in the article was”used to be confidential” and is now”widely available” in the media and other platforms.

CEO Dorsey initially stated that the company’s failure to provide more background information on its penalty decision was”unacceptable.” More than 24 hours later, the company announced that it was making changes to its decision regarding this type of information after receiving”important feedback” on how to implement the policy.

During this period, Republicans, especially the extreme right represented by Trump, violently attacked Twitter’s decision, claiming it violated people’s freedom of speech.

Facebook stated that it is”reducing” the spread of the report on its platform while waiting for third-party fact checkers to verify it. Facebook often adopts this”restricted distribution” approach to content that is not completely prohibited by its service. Facebook has been accused in the past for its very loose restriction policy, which has the risk of helping spread lies or causing harm in other ways.

Trump now regards this incident as a major topic of his campaign rally, imploring his supporters to express their disapproval to what he calls”social media content reviewers” on election day.

“We are not just running against Joe Biden. Our opponents are left-wing media, our opponents are large technology companies,” Trump encouraged supporters to vote for himself and prevent Biden from being elected president.