Vieri:Ibrahimovic is mentally stronger than anyone

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Xinhua News Agency, Rome, October 17th. Italian football star Vieri said in an interview that AC Milan striker Ibrahimovic Rahimović is mentally stronger than anyone else. He joked that Ibrahimovic could kick the Milan Derby while smoking a cigarette.

AC Milan player Ibrahimovic celebrated after scoring a goal. Published by Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Alberto Lingoria)

Before the two teams’ highly anticipated German game, the epidemic and injuries have been reduced.Inter Milan and AC Milan many players are excluded from the list, but it is almost certain that the player playing is AC Milan’s Ibrahimovic, the Swedish who was diagnosed with the new crown virus on September 24 The striker has resumed training this week.

“He has to run the’bad’ treadmill every day.” Vieri, who has played for both Inter Milan and AC Milan, said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport that one can say” The new crown virus tries to challenge me to be a”bad idea” person, mentally stronger than anyone.”Trust me, he can kick the Milan Derby while smoking a cigarette.” Vieri said.

Ibrahimovic returned to AC Milan in January. Last season, he scored 10 goals in 18 games of Serie A, helping the team reverse the fortune. In the end, AC Milan ranked sixth. But the 39-year-old veteran joked that if he played for the Rossoneri from the beginning of the season, they would definitely win the championship. In the last two games played for the team, he has won three goals.

Vieri said:”Although AC Milan is a young team, they have the number one player-veteran Ibrahimovic.” He also predicted that Ibrahimovic will not stop at 20 this season. Scoring, a unique experience enables him to have game skills, field vision, scoring goals, assisting teammates and many other winning weapons, and can help every member of the team to improve.

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