Vogel:Davis’s lore is the most memorable goal in the playoffs

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Today, the fifth game between the Lakers and the Heat is about to begin, and the Lakers currently lead 3-1. The Lakers head coach Frank Vogel was interviewed by reporters before the game.

Speaking of the most memorable moment in the playoffs, Vogel said:”It may be AD (Anthony Davis)’s lore. Obviously, it is a very exciting moment in NBA history. . It’s not just our team’s journey this season.”

“We always feel that Kobe (Bryant) Being with us, that moment especially feels so.”

Speaking of Davis’s performance, Vogel said:”Great players will stand up at the most important moments. He is on both ends of the offense and defense. Both performed well. This proves what people have always thought of him. He is a great player, but now he has the opportunity to show his ability in the long playoffs.”

Talking about Dwight -Howard’s starting performance, Vogel said:”He set the tone for the team with his physical confrontation. Everyone is talking about starting to be strong. I like his physical confrontation at the beginning of the game. This season, he has done a great job in his role.”

Talking about the guard Avery Bradley , Vogel said:”He has been in contact with me via text messages. I don’t know how he is in contact with his teammates, but we have always kept him in touch. Obviously he is very important in our team. Member of .”