Watch next week丨The third quarter GDP and other data will be released, these investment opportunities are the most reliable

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[Heavy News]

The third quarter GDP and other data will be announced

According to the statistical information, the calendar will be released. At 10 a.m. on October 19th, the National Bureau of Statistics will hold a press conference on the operation of the national economy. The third quarter GDP, September industrial added value, fixed asset investment growth rate, total retail sales of consumer goods and other data will be announced at that time.

Guotai Junan recently released a research report saying that the economy continued to rise in the third quarter. The main driving force was real estate and infrastructure investment. Benefited from the credit policy and supporting fiscal stimulus policies during the year, it is expected that the single-quarter GDP growth rate in the third quarter will rebound. To 5.3%, the annual cumulative growth rate turned positive.

533 companies announce third quarter reports

The disclosure of the third quarter reports has begun. Next week, 533 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen will announce the third quarter reports. . Among them, 187 companies have announced their performance forecasts, accounting for 35%.

48 companies, including Double One Technology, Nantian Information, *ST Shenger, Amkor, Jiemei Technology, and Black Cat, are expected to double their net profits in the third quarter. Companies such as Hongda New Materials, ST Nanfeng, Almaden, Xi’an Tourism, Muyuan, and Shun Na, predicted that the third quarter’s net profit increased by more than 1,000%year-on-year. Hongda New Materials recently disclosed its performance forecast. In the first three quarters, the company had a profit of 28 million-36 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 137.9 times to 177.6 times. During the reporting period, the company’s private network wireless communication business steadily advanced, the number of orders and output showed an increasing trend, and the shipment volume maintained a steady growth, which promoted the continuous growth of sales revenue and net profit and realized profit contribution.

100 billion yuan of reverse repurchase will expire

Wind data shows that next week (October 17-23) the central bank’s open market will have 1,000 The 100 million yuan reverse repurchase expires, and 50 billion yuan expires on Thursday and Friday, and the non-reverse repurchase expires from Monday to Wednesday. In addition, next Monday (October 19) there will be 80 billion yuan of treasury cash deposit due.

On the 16th, the central bank issued an announcement stating that in order to maintain a reasonable and sufficient liquidity in the banking system, the People’s Bank of China launched a 50 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation on October 16 through an interest rate bidding method. The non-reverse repurchase expired on the 16th, and 200 billion yuan of MLF expired. Wind data shows that this week, the central bank conducted a total of 100 billion yuan of reverse repurchase operations and 500 billion yuan of MLF operations in the open market. In the same period, there were 210 billion yuan of reverse repurchase and 200 billion yuan of MLF expired, so this week a net investment of 190 billion yuan .

A total of 7 listed companies with more than 100 million shares lifted next week

Wind data shows that the total number of restricted shares on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges next week 3.224 billion shares, calculated at the closing price on the 16th, the market value is about 41.58 billion yuan, a lot lower than this week. There are 7 listed companies with over 100 million shares lifted, of which Yicheng New Energy, Guochuang High-tech, and Yaguang Technology have the most.

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[IPO opportunity]

Currently disclosed information shows that there will be a total of 5 IPO subscriptions next week, namely Guoanda, Titan Technology, Hong Kong Tong Gas, CICC, No. 9 Company.

According to statistics, the total number of issued shares of the above 5 new shares is 620 million shares. Among them, Hongtong Gas and CICC are listed on the main board, Titan Technology and No. 9 are listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and Guoanda is listed on the ChiNext.

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[Sector Nuggets]

Monday to Tuesday October 19-20, 2020 World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit

Jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, the”2020 World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit” is scheduled to be held in Nanchang, Jiangxi from October 19th to 20th. The theme of this VR Industry Conference is”VR Makes the World More Wonderful-New Machines, New Game”.

Influencing sector:VR concept

Influencing individual stocks:Skyworth Digital, Goertek, Baotong Technology

Thursday, October Huawei Mate40 series global conference

October 22 at 8pm at Huawei Mate40 series global online press conference, Huawei will release a product called Huawei FreeBuds Studio, and will be accompanied by”Huawei FreeBuds new member of the family is coming soon”Text message. Combining the circular sponge elements in the pictures on Weibo and the product form of Huawei’s FreeBuds audio series, many netizens speculate that the new product released this time will be Huawei’s first headset, to complete Huawei’s audio cable product category. Realize Huawei FreeBuds series family bucket.

Influencing sector:Huawei concept

Influencing individual stocks:Luxshare Precision, Lance Technology, Goertek, Lingyi Zhizhi, OFILM, Shengyi Technology