Zhao Hongbo:The Chinese team prepares for the China Cup in figure skating orderly

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 29 (Reporter Li Jia) The 2020 Shiseido China Cup World Figure Skating Grand Prix will be held in November Held at Chongqing Huaxi Sports Center from 6th to 8th, China National Figure Skating Team Peng Cheng/Jin Yang, Jin Boyang, Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu , Chen Hongyi and other famous players will make their season debut in the China Cup.

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On February 8, the Chinese team Peng Cheng/Jin Yang (right) competed in the double free skating competition of the Four Continent Figure Skating Championships. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jingqiang

Chinese figure skating team head coach Zhao Hongbo introduced that the figure skating team has The Moon World Figure Skating Championships were cancelled. After returning from Canada, he entered a closed training state. During this period, he arranged more than three months of transfer training in Sanya. Although the epidemic has had a certain impact on the team’s original training, competition, and scheduling plan, the overall guarantees for orderly and systematic training. He said:”After returning from Sanya to Beijing, we conducted an online program arrangement. In terms of arrangement and training effects, the players basically met expectations.”

Affected by the epidemic, this season’s international The Skating Union Figure Skating Grand Prix adopted the way that athletes compete in their home country or nearby. Zhao Hongbo also paid attention to the first stop of the US Grand Prix last week.”The U.S. station has adopted an empty game, but the contestants are kept at a high level. On the whole, the epidemic does not have much impact on their competitive level. So I also hope that the China Cup will check the previous training of our players. As a result, I hope they can perform at their best.”

Shen Xue, chairman of the Chinese Figure Skating Association, introduced that the current women’s singles, Zhu Yi and Lin Shan, are training in Canada and the United States. The state is very good, but because of the epidemic, he cannot return to his country to compete. Shen Xue said:”In fact, it is very regrettable that the Canadian Grand Prix was cancelled, so Zhu Yi was unable to compete. She had prepared very well. Everyone saw Lin Shan’s race in the United States, sixth place, and the overall situation is very good. , And she can complete some more difficult moves.”

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On February 8, Chinese athlete Zhu Yi participated in the women’s singles free skating competition of the Four Continents Figure Skating Championship. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jingqian

Shen Xue said that most of the programming of this season’s program was completed through online video communication, and the progress was smooth. Peng Cheng/Jin Yang has a set of new programs, Jin Boyang has two sets, and Chen Hongyi also collaborated with Laurie to arrange the program for the first time. In addition, the two pairs of ice dancers who had been training in Canada have also returned to domestic training due to the epidemic.”They are now training and choreographing with the Canadian coaching staff through video connection. Chen Hong/Sun Zhuoming has arranged a new Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu’s free dance has also undergone some adjustments. The details and quality of the program have been improved and improved.”

World Championship ChampionSui Wenjing/Han Cong was originally the most anticipated group in the China Cup, but because Han Cong underwent hip surgery in April this year, according to the current recovery situation, the coaching staff is an athlete Health and long-term considerations decided not to participate in the China Cup. Han Cong said, “The original plan was to use the four continents next year as the first race after the surgery. Considering that the China Cup is a game at home, we wanted to try to catch up. But in the end we decided not to rush. Put the goal longer and take advantage of the lack of competition during this period to focus on improving your own ability.”

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On February 8, Chinese duo Sui Wenjing/Han Cong (left) played in four continents. In the double free skating competition of the skating championship. On that day, they won the championship with a total score of 217.51 ​​points. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jingqian

Sui Wenjing also said that because there was no competition during the epidemic, she would take advantage of the present to adjust her body and adjust her condition to the best.”We practice our own state and control what we can control. In terms of programs, we have made some action changes through video communication with Laurie. The two programs this season retain one of the previous season, and may continue to use one of the previous ones. Set.” The two will go to Chongqing with the team to train and feel the atmosphere of the game.

The China Cup is the first major international sporting event held in Chongqing since the outbreak of the epidemic. The scheduled competition cannot be held without the cooperation of relevant departments in Chongqing. Taking into account that November is a time when infectious diseases such as the respiratory tract are prone to occur in winter, after multi-party communication and soliciting the opinions of relevant health and epidemic prevention departments, in order to ensure a safe and healthy competition environment for athletes, referees and other related personnel, this year China The cup will be played in empty games.

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