12 key projects in Beijing and Hong Kong signed a contract of 3.886 billion US dollars

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On November 20, the signing ceremony of the key projects of Beijing-Hong Kong two-way investment in the 23rd Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Seminar was held in Beijing. A total of 12 key projects were signed this time, including 3 cooperation agreements and 9 two-way investment projects. The contract amount was equivalent to 3.886 billion US dollars. The parties to the contract between Beijing and Hong Kong firmly seized the opportunity of the construction of the”two districts” and made every effort to open up a new situation in Beijing-Hong Kong cooperation.

The signing projects of this Beijing-Hong Kong Fair have many highlights. The signed projects give full play to the advantages of the two places and release the potential for cooperation in key areas. On the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding on Deepening Cooperation and Service Improvement in Rail Transit between Beijing and Hong Kong at the last Beijing-Hong Kong Fair, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., MTR Co., Ltd., and Beijing Jinggang Metro Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement. Renovation of old lines to improve operation services, optimization and improvement of existing subway network lines, commercial project management and operation, smart subway R&D and operation and maintenance, rail industry talent training, and in-depth cooperation in many aspects such as foreign and overseas projects. At the same time, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jinggang Metro Co., Ltd. will jointly fund the establishment of Beijing Collaborative Innovation Rail Transit Research Institute Co., Ltd. to carry out collaborative innovation research on urban rail transit and further open up Beijing rail transit industry”production, learning, research, and use” the entire industry chain, with”investment + innovation” to accelerate the transformation of innovation results, improve the innovation level of Beijing rail transit, and promote rail transit Industrial upgrading.

Join hands to explore overseas markets and promote mutual benefit and win-win results between Beijing and Hong Kong. Hua Xia Bank Hong Kong Branch has developed strategic cooperation with Beijing Construction Engineering International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Futu Holdings Co., Ltd., using Hong Kong as a platform to actively serve Beijing to go global, build an overseas financial service platform for municipal enterprises, and support Hong Kong enterprises Expand overseas business. Origen International Holdings Co., Ltd. intends to acquire the Hong Kong TSMP Group’s metal packaging headquarters for 192 million yuan, to strengthen the company’s Beijing headquarters and the Hong Kong TSMP Group’s Taiwan R&D center in technical exchanges, and to boost the company’s overall R&D level.

Attract high-end projects to land and promote the transformation and upgrading of the capital’s industry. As a high-end project invested by a Hong Kong company in the medical and health field in Beijing, Hong Kong Fahrenheit Pharm Bio-Holding Co., Ltd. makes full use of the advantages of”two districts” to invest in the establishment of the Fahrenheit International Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Tongzhou, which will provide biomedical technology for the development of Tongzhou sub-center industry Innovative service infrastructure, establish a full-chain biomedicine research and development system covering from target research to clinical research, develop precision medical products, biological vaccines, cell therapy and other medical technologies, formula foods for special medical purposes, innovative traditional Chinese medicines, and general traditional Chinese medicine granular formulations And the application research and industrialization development of nano-particle formulations, high-barrier generic drugs, medical devices, etc. In accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, a laboratory of 10,000 square meters will be built, and a clinical research center with more than 500 beds will be jointly built.

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Source:Beijing Youth Daily