15 key films”fight” Lunar New Year files

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The new year file has added fierce generals.

On November 20, Warner Bros. announced that”Wonder Woman 1984″ will be officially released in mainland China on December 18, one week ahead of the North American theater and streaming release date. Subsequently, Pixar’s new film”Spiritual Journey” also announced that it will be scheduled for December 25 in the Mainland.

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And not long ago, the movie version of”Monster Hunter” Also announced the China schedule for December 4.

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The highly anticipated DC movie universe masterpiece sequel, gold medal animation The studio’s latest masterpieces, as well as the world-famous game IP adaptation movies, and the admission of three Hollywood blockbusters will surely boost the entire market in December.

At the end of the year, the movie market will be staged in two days of ice and fire

Since the release of”King Kong River”, the domestic film market has had no blockbusters for more than half a month Enter the market. The popularity of the market has dropped rapidly to freezing point. According to some practitioners, theaters in some cities have seen a bleak picture of zero single-day box office. According to the distribution of new films in the past two weeks, such a downturn may continue until the end of the month.

However, after entering December, the bottom of the market is expected to pick up quickly. Why is the market gap so large in these two adjacent months? Poisoned milk movies think there are three main reasons.

First of all, the historical status of the Lunar New Year files. The Lunar New Year stall is one of the few traditional large-scale stalls since the marketization of the Chinese film industry. This stall spans the three popular stalls of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. It is also the last stall of each year. The box office appeal is relatively high. Strong.

The second is market factors. In recent years, the Spring Festival stalls have gradually replaced the Lunar New Year stalls as the most important time of the year. The top works in the industry will be concentrated on the seven days of the Spring Festival. Before that, the Lunar New Year file closest to the Spring Festival file was the only time that was suitable for concentrated release of works in the near future, and it was suitable for the release of mid-upstream projects that were slightly smaller than the Spring Festival file.

In addition, for some companies that have performance pressure or have accumulated inventory for too long, this period can also be used to release inventory in time.

Finally, there are special reasons for the epidemic. Cinemas across the country have been closed for nearly half a year this year. Even after the resumption of work, the market needs a long enough time for buffer recovery. Although the upstream market suffers relatively little impact, objective factors are still taken into consideration, and the trader is more cautious.

By observing the film market after the resumption of work, it is not difficult to find that, with the exception of the National Day films and”Yaobai”,”Kingangchuan” and”Creed”, there are almost no other blockbuster films entering the market after the resumption of work. Most of the filmmakers would rather get together and release the show during the hot seasons to keep warm than to go alone in the cold season. Therefore, the market comparison between November and December this year is particularly obvious.

Fortunately, after November’s flatness, the audience has accumulated a lot of enthusiasm for movie watching, which is expected to be released in the Lunar New Year stall. Judging from the composition of the upcoming films, it also has sufficient strength to attract audiences to the cinema.

According to the rough statistics of tainted milk movies, as of now, 15 key movies will meet the audience in the Lunar New Year file in December.

15 films competing on the same stage

We divide the new films in December into five groups on a weekly basis.

December 4th

“If the sound is not Remember””Red Fox Scholar”

“Pokémon:Super Dream’s Counterattack Evolution”

Monster Hunter, The Invisible Man

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The first week of December is currently the most crowded week. There are 5 key films released. I am afraid that a fierce filming will start before the release date. Battle.

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Among them,”If the Voice Cannot Remember” and”Red Fox The early popularity of”Scholar” led the same period, respectively ascending to the first and sixth places in the Maoyan Wanted List within a week, and wanted to see 30,000 and 7,335 new people added.

“If the Voice Can’t Remember” is a new film released by the director of”Sadness Goes Down the River” last year. The film type is a relatively scarce youth love theme in the market after the resumption of work. From the early days of”If the Voice Can’t Remember” Looks still quite potential.

The”Red Fox Scholar”, which focuses on double male protagonists and the selling points of fantasy themes, has also gained considerable early popularity by virtue of its main traffic creative team and extensive short video marketing. However, due to the uneven level of domestic fantasy films in recent years, the loss of audience confidence may have a partial impact on the film. Word of mouth will be the key to determining the box office of”Red Fox Scholar”.

The other three movies released during this schedule are all imported movies.”Pokémon:Super Dream’s Counterattack Evolution” Needless to say, the newly introduced Japanese longevity animation IP theater version of the film has a stable basic disk.

“Monster Hunter” is a movie of the same name adapted from a popular global game, and it is also a very scarce high-visibility Hollywood blockbuster on the market this year. Although the film official announced a late schedule, I believe it can still win the favor of many viewers.

The last”Invisible Man” is also a highly praised new film in the North American market this year. The film is a remake of a new version of a classic movie. But because the pirated resources of”The Invisible Man” have flowed out on the Internet a few months ago, it may affect the film’s theater performance.

December 11th

《Dora A Dream:Nobita’s New Dinosaur””The King of Bathing”

December 12

“The Sun Never Sets Hotel”

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There will be 3 key films released in the second week of December. Among them,”Doraemon:Nobita’s New Dinosaur” is the latest animated film introduced in the Doraemon series, which is similar to the Pokémon series. But from the perspective of IP in China, Doraemon is obviously better.

The box office performance of the previous films of this series has been able to stabilize at the level of 100 million yuan. For example,”Doraemon:Walk with Me” released in 2015 has achieved a high box office of 530 million. I believe that the upcoming”Doraemon:Nobita’s New Dinosaur” will also have a stable performance.

“The Bathing King” is a relatively scarce comedy film in the market in recent months. What’s interesting is that this is also the first domestic work with the theme of”washing culture”. Peng Yuchang + Qiao Shan’s combination of actors with funny points, coupled with a relaxed and humorous movie theme, may bring good entertainment.

The hotel”The Sun Never Sets” was set for the Spring Festival of 2019, but it was silent after it was quietly withdrawn. After the resumption of work, the film was re-scheduled for December 12. Although this time avoiding a head-on confrontation with”The Bathing King”, the competition between the two comedies in the same week is still very tense. It remains to be seen how the quality of”The Sun Never Sets” is.

December 18

“Wonder Woman 1984”

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The schedule situation in December is very Clearly, as early as the”Wonder Woman 1984″ was finalized, the film crews unanimously vacated the third week. There is no doubt that”Wonder Woman 1984″ is bound to enjoy this week’s market.

The last time domestic audiences watched a superhero movie should be the”Spider-Man:Far From Home” in June last year, and the DC Cinematic Universe movie should go back to the”Thunder Shazan!” released in April last year.”.

After the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, the Hollywood film market has also been hit, and most of the top projects have chosen to postpone, resulting in the mainland market without Hollywood blockbusters entering the market for a long time. Based on the above factors, the”Wonder Woman 1984″ screened in the theaters against the trend at this time should have a burst of performance.

December 24

Bomb Disposal Expert 2“”Will you still love me tomorrow”

December 25th

“Qing Ya Ji””Spiritual Journey”

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The third week of December, which is the Christmas file, consists of 4 types Distinctly different key film composition.

First of all,”The Bomb Disposal Expert 2″, the previous film has won 400 million box office results in the mainland market, and has a good reputation. The entertainment and visual spectacle of action-themed Hong Kong movies also make this movie have sufficient conditions to stand out at Christmas.

I believe that many viewers can think of”I’m waiting for you at the end of time” when they see”Will you still love me tomorrow”-the same male protagonist, the same love theme, watching the movie as a couple Intensive schedule delivery will never go wrong. At present, the film ranks second in Maoyan’s list of people who want to watch within one week, and there are 11,000 new people who want to watch within one week. This shows that the market attractiveness of romance movies is still tyrannical.

As for”Qing Ya Ji” directed by Guo Jingming, we should look at this film from the perspective of dividing it into two. On the one hand, Guo Jingming’s directorial works in the theater market have been controversial. After the accumulation of five works, it is still doubtful whether he can make changes this time.

On the other hand,”Qing Ya Ji” is adapted from the famous Japanese literary work”Onmyoji”, starring Zhao Youting, Deng Lun, and Wang Ziwen are also more affirmed actors in the mainstream market. The materials flowed from the early stage. From a point of view, there may be some improvement over the previous works.

And the latest announcement of”Spirit of the Mind” is a musical animation film directed by Peter Dougert, the director of”Flying House” and”Mind Agents”.

Pixar Animation has always been well-known for its high-quality family animation movies. Although it has not been smooth in the mainland market these years, many high-reputation projects have not performed well at the box office.”The First World War has successfully reversed the decline that has lasted for many years.

However, it should be noted that the film has previously been determined not to be released in North American theaters. It will be released on Disney+ on the same day as it was released in the mainland. Therefore, the piracy problems that occurred during”Mulan” will also It poses a threat to”Spiritual Travel”.

December 31

“Give you one A Little Red Flower””Warm Hug”

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The grand finale of the 2020 Lunar New Year file is given to”Send You A Little Red Flower” and”Warm Hug”.

“Send You A Little Red Flower”, directed by Han Yan and starring Yi Yang Qianxi, has been highly anticipated by the industry since its release. At present, the number of people who want to see Maoyan has exceeded 200,000.

Previously, Director Han Yan once relied on”Get Out!”Tumor King” has emerged in the industry. This time he is familiar with directing similar themes, and the lead actor Yi Yang Qianxi has shown great potential through”Youth You”. I believe that the quality of the new film that the two collaborated on is still worthy of trust.

Chang Yuan’s directorial debut”Warm Hug” will face off against the seeded contestant”Send You A Little Red Flower”. The actor team need not worry about it. The Yishuier Happy Twist team can be said to have assembled many outstanding actors in the domestic comedy field.

The biggest uncertainty in this film comes from Chang Yuan, who was the director for the first time. It is not uncommon for actors to cross-border directors, but not all actors can succeed at one time. I hope”Warm Hug” will not disappoint the audience.

Overall, this year’s Lunar New Year files have basically reached the level of the same period in previous years. The diversified film types and various projects are all available, which is especially valuable in this special year.

As of November 20, the total box office in 2020 has exceeded 15.6 billion, which is about 4.4 billion before completing the 20 billion target. Can the Lunar New Year files accomplish this difficult task?

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