5 extinct animals that scientists are preparing for resurrection

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With the efforts of scientists and archaeologists, we have learned about many extinct animals, especially some animals are so old, we can only imagine their true appearance. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, many scientists have begun to study how to resurrect animals that have disappeared on the earth. One day in the future, we may actually see a miracle happen. This time, the editor will introduce to you the five extinct animals that scientists are preparing to resurrect.

1, Tasmanian Tiger

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Although Tasmania There is a tiger in the name of a tiger, but it is not a real tiger. In fact, it is more like a wolf and also has a name called thylacine. It was officially extinct in 1986, and now, Australian scientists are planning to clone the Tasmanian tiger and bring it back to life. In fact, due to the continuous advancement of modern technology, scientists are closer than ever to bringing this iconic Australian marsupial back to life. A specimen of a 4-week-old wallaby allowed experts to piece together the”gene blueprint” for this marsupial. In fact, the relative of the thylacine is the marsupial anteater. Scientists who want to resurrect the thylacine need to use the marsupial anteater, but the two species still have many differences.

According to the researcher Professor Pask, if the DNA of the marsupial anteater looks like a thylacine, more changes need to be made. In the past five years or so, due to the existence of people engaged in this huge work, the technology to achieve these changes has become very easy. Therefore, we can expect that this kind of creature may suddenly appear in our field of vision one day in the future.

2, stomach breeding frog

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Stomach breeding frog is a very special type of frog, because it will hatch and nurture young frogs in its stomach. However, as early as the 1980s, it was considered extinct. However, in recent years, the”Lazarus Project” carried out by the University of Newcastle in Australia has used complex cloning techniques to implant a”dead” cell nucleus into the fresh eggs of another frog species, restoring an extinct Australian frog. Genome. In five years of repeated experiments, the researchers used a laboratory technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer. They isolated fresh donor eggs from their distant relatives, the large spotted frog, inactivated the egg nucleus, and replaced the egg nucleus with the dead nucleus of the extinct frog. Some eggs begin to divide spontaneously and grow to the early embryonic stage. The embryo did not survive for more than a few days, but genetic testing confirmed that the dividing cells contained genetic material from extinct frogs.

3, Dodo

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The Dodo is arguably one of the most famous extinct birds in the world, and it is also because of the Human disappeared. Before humans arrived in Mauritius, the Dodo had no natural enemies that could harm them. Perhaps because of the lack of natural enemies, they have no awareness of harm and are very friendly to the humans who came to Mauritius. However, humans treat them on the contrary. They took advantage of the dodo’s mentality that they were not afraid of them, and began to hurt them and destroyed their natural habitat. In addition, humans introduced a large number of exotic animals that would harm these animals. Eventually led to their demise. For a long time, many scientists want to try to revive them. Biologically speaking, the closest to the dodo is the pigeon. By combining their cells, it is theoretically possible to resurrect them.

4, saber-tooth tiger

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The saber-toothed tiger is a prehistoric big cat that has been extinct for many years. You know, they were extinct as early as about 12,000 years ago. Scientists believe that this animal is the first animal on the earth to be eventually extinct due to humans. Now, scientists have begun to try to resurrect this mysterious animal. Because humans have found the remains of the saber-toothed tiger in the permafrost, scientists can extract DNA from it, and then try to conceive an embryo in the body of its modern relative, the African lioness, and resurrect the animal.

5. Mammoth

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p style=”text-align:start”>The woolly mammoth is one of the most abundant cold-adapted species during the Pleistocene. In fact, scientists have found many mammoth remains in the frozen ground, and many of them are perfectly preserved. So many people believe that it will be easier to resurrect this animal than other animals. With the help of the cells of its modern relative Asian elephant, it is possible to resurrect them after combining them.