AFC Champions League | Guoan four-game winning streak, Shenhua regrets defeat to Tokyo FC

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Xinhua News Agency, Doha, November 27. The 2020 AFC Champions League will continue to compete in the group stage in Doha, Qatar on the 27th, and Beijing Guoan will win 2:0Melbourne victory, qualifying early with a four-game winning streak in the group stage. Shanghai Shenhua lost to Tokyo FC 1:2 and dropped to third in the group. The next game is critical.

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Guoan player Vieira (first from left) celebrated with his teammates during the game. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Niku)

Before the game, Guoan and Melbourne gave a silent tribute to the legendary star Maradona, who passed away due to illness. Guoan defeated Melbourne 3:1 three days ago, and this game entered the state earlier. Only 9 minutes into the game, Wang Gang made a pass, and the unmarked Vieira pushed through the penalty area and Guoan made a perfect start. The good show is not over yet. In the 36th minute, Vieira crossed the penalty area. Zhang Yuning carried the defensive player to stop the ball, turned around and took a low shot.

After changing sides, Melbourne continued to attack Wang Gang’s Guoan side, and Wang Gang received the yellow card. In the 57th minute, McManaman suddenly made a diagonal pass from the left, and Roxas shot from close range and was blocked by Guoan goalkeeper Hosen. In the final stage, Melbourne continued to hit the whole line, but was unable to create a real threat. In the end, Guoan won 2:0 and won the group stage 4 consecutive victories.

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Shenhua player Zhang Lu (right) and Tokyo FC player Oliveira compete in the game. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Niku)

In another Group F competition, Shenhua sent all-China classes. After the opening, Tokyo FC took the initiative in offensive, but the grasp of the goal was poor, Li Shuai also made several outstanding saves. Shenhua, who implemented a man-to-man defensive strategy, successfully contained Tokyo FC in the first half and ended the half 0:0.

But the good times did not last long. The Tokyo team seized an opportunity in the 61st minute. The two sides competed in the middle of the Shenhua penalty area. Dong Qingwu took the lead to the left and the undefended Leondro followed Pushing into the far corner to score, 1:0, Tokyo FC leads. In the 81st minute, Hiirato Abe scored another point for Tokyo FC. In the 85th minute, Moreno made a successful push in the penalty area and scored a point for Shenhua. In the end, Tokyo FC defeated Shenhua 2:1, surpassed Shenhua in points and moved to second place in the group.

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