AFC Champions League:Beijing Guoan defeats Seoul FC and there is another episode in the game

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On the 21st, Beijing time, the 2020 AFC Champions League group stage will continue. In the E group match between Beijing Guoan and Seoul FC, with the goals of Fernando and Alan, Beijing Guoan finally defeated its rivals 2:1. Obtained two consecutive victories in the group stage and also gained a good start after the AFC rematch.

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Image source:Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club official Weibo

According to the original schedule, the match between Beijing Guoan and Seoul FC was scheduled for the first round of the group, but it has been postponed due to the epidemic. . Before the suspension of the AFC Champions League, both teams completed a group stage and both won.

In the historical confrontation, Beijing Guoan is at a disadvantage. There is also an episode in this campaign:the start time of this game coincides with the kick-off time of the Qatar World Cup opener two years later, both at 6 pm Beijing time on November 21.

In terms of lineup, Beijing Guoan’s main starting lineup is 4312, with Alan and Zhang Yuning teaming up as a striker, followed by captain Augusto.

This campaign Guoan made a dream start, Fernando scored in the 8th minute. Alan counter-robbed the wing, Augusto got the ball and obliquely plugged it, Zhang Yuning knocked near the top of the arc, Fernando adjusted the goal and succeeded, the score came to 1:0.

After taking the lead, Guoan began to control the rhythm of the game, and the ball possession rate on the court was dominant, but there were not many threats. Instead, Seoul FC created some opportunities through counterattack, but did not score.

Easy side to fight again, Guoan expanded its lead in the 60th minute. In the counterattack, Alan shot at a tricky angle from outside the penalty area, and Seoul FC goalkeeper Liang Hanbin had to watch the ball into the net. But only 5 minutes later, Seoul FC got a goal back. Kim Min-jae was penalized by the referee for handball in the penalty area. Park Ju-young made the penalty and chased the score to 1:2.

At the end of the game, Seoul FC, which had already started, continued to attack. In contrast, Guoan was somewhat suppressed, but the score on the court was not rewritten. 2:1, Beijing Guoan won this difficult victory. Since the rematch of the AFC Champions League, the three Chinese Super League teams that have appeared have all won.

After the game, Beijing Guo’an coach Genesio said, “I think the team has room for improvement in some aspects. The team needs to learn to control the game while leading, including when the opponent presses forward. , We should make more use of the opponent’s back. The team’s ability in this area needs to be improved.”

After this campaign, Beijing Guoan, who had won two games, ranked first in the group with 6 points. Seoul FC Victory with Melbourne was one win and one loss, while Chiang Rai United lost the bottom of the two games.