Anhui Wenyi triumphs Foshan for five consecutive victories -24H

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Source:Anhui Finance Net

Market Star News, Anhui Finance Net (http://www.ahcaijing.com) News by virtue of the second quarter single quarter to win the opponent With 24 points and a huge lead of 30 points in one fell swoop at halftime, Anhui Wenyi successfully won five consecutive league victories. In the 9th round of the NBL in the afternoon of November 10th, Anhui Wenyi, who is superior in strength, defeated the Foshan Kung Fu Boy 107-13 , The team is getting better.

Similar to the previous games, all 12 players from Anhui Wenyi, who are all soldiers, have scored in this battle, but the difference is that Anhui Wenyi’s points are more balanced in this game.< span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”3659937″>Delehei scored a team-high 18 points, Yang Yue 17 points, Li Lin contributed 12 points, Wang Zigang 11 points, and Li Xiangbo also had 10 points. Even though Yang Wenbo only scored 9 points, he grabbed 10 rebounds and 7 assists. Throughout the game, Anhui Wenyi limited the opponent’s field goal percentage to 27%.

Li Xiangbo did not appear in the starting roster for this campaign. Li Lin played the role of the offensive terminator after the start of the game. After consecutive points, Anhui Wenyi started 10-3. However, since then, the players’ concentration has declined, their rebound protection is not effective, and the opponents have taken the opportunity to narrow the points. Later in this section, after continuous adjustments, Wang Yanzhi and Li Xuesong helped the team to hit a 9-2 shock wave. After the first quarter, Anhui Wenyi leads Foshan 22-16.

Yang Yue’s hand feel picked up in the second quarter. After two difficult jump shots, Anhui Wenyi led Foshan by double digits for the first time. This was just the prelude to Anhui Wenyi’s scoring difference. Then Anhui Wenyi’s defensive strength suddenly increased, pressing on the opponent’s backcourt, and after falling into the position, the opponent was very uncomfortable with the opponent’s dribble. Halftime passed smoothly. At the same time, the offensive end used the opponent’s mistakes to counterattack easily. Delehei, Li Xiangbo, and Yang Yue all contributed to the offensive end and helped the team gradually widen the point difference. At the end of halftime, Anhui Wenyi led the opponent 58-28 by 30 points. Through the pressure method, Anhui Wenyi made the opponent’s shooting percentage in the first half only 25%.

Anhui Wenyi, who led by 30 points, controlled the rhythm of the game with ease in the second half, and Delehey was the starting point for the attack more often, and the inside advantage was undoubtedly obvious. The Foshan team tried to use speed to advance the rhythm of the game, but Anhui Wenyi’s defense has never lost position, so the difference between the two teams has always been maintained at about 30 points. With Zhou Qixin’s three-point buzzer hit, at the end of the third quarter, the score came to 81-48, Anhui Wenyi in a sense turned the fourth quarter into garbage time.

In the last quarter of the game, Anhui Wenyi carried out a larger rotation to try the role of different combinations of personnel on the court to further cultivate the tacit understanding between teammates. After this campaign, there are only two rounds left in the Wuhan Division of the 2020 NBL regular season. The last two games of the first half of the regular season of Anhui Wenyi are against Henan Credit Dianjiu at 19:30 on November 12 and 19 on November 15. :30 vs. Shaanxi Xinda.

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