Apple admits that the iPhone12 has a green screen problem! It is also rare that the official announcement of major concessions:this”tax” is directly cut in half

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As there is no”ancestral” charger, Apple’s latest mobile phone iPhone 12 has been controversial since its release. It is also reported that the screen turns green and other issues.

In this regard, Apple rarely admits that there is a problem, what is going on?

Apple admits that iPhone12 has a green screen saving issue

< strong>After the listing, there are many problems

On November 19, an article on Apple’s information website Macrumors stated that Apple has admitted that some iPhone 12 displays have problems.

Recently, the iPhone 12 series, a new Apple mobile phone, has been exposed by netizens to have problems such as bright screen turning yellow, unlocking failure, light leakage, flashing screen, etc., and even”greening” around the screen will appear under a pure black background. Case.

It is reported that Apple has determined internally that there is no need to replace or repair hardware, and the problem can be solved through system upgrades. Previously, a similar green screen phenomenon has also appeared on some iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models. Apple then fixed the problem in iOS 13.6.1.

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In the early morning of October 14th, Beijing time, Apple held its second autumn conference online and launched 4 models, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, all Support 5G network. At the same time, Apple announced that it will cancel the power adapter and EarPods included in the iPhone product package, and will only be equipped with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

For this, Apple gives two reasons. One is to save materials and be more environmentally friendly; the other is that there are 700 million Lightning headsets and 2 billion Apple power adapters in the world. There are ready-made accessories, no need to get gifts again.

Therefore, regarding this green screen issue, netizens joked:normal, for environmental protection.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=78c84866dae0f87b64df2d200d45e052 - Apple admits that the iPhone12 has a green screen problem! It is also rare that the official announcement of major concessions:this"tax" is directly cut in half

In addition, a recent article in the”Technical Support” column of Apple’s official website stated that the new mobile phone iPhone 12 may affect hearing aids. iPhone developers warned that when using iPhone 12 series devices and hearing aids, some noise may be heard, such as crackling or sharp noises. The engineer promised to provide fixes in future software updates.

According to earlier news, iPhone 12 users encountered inconvenience caused by the shape of the body during use. Some users are dissatisfied that the edges of the phone are too sharp, and some users complain that there will be marks on their hands or even cuts.

The iPhone 12″dropped below the issue price” in less than a week!

According to previous reports, the market price of the iPhone 12, which has just been on the market for 6 days, has fallen below the official release price, while the iPhone 12 Pro is relatively strong.

According to the Securities Times, on the second day after the iPhone 12 went on sale, the market price of the iPhone 12 series dropped significantly.

According to the Securities Times, according to the quotations of Huaqiangbei merchants, most models of iPhone 12 have fallen below the official website price, whether it is licensed or parallel.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=564455403b4ff1ad92e69fd799dc8f34 - Apple admits that the iPhone12 has a green screen problem! It is also rare that the official announcement of major concessions:this"tax" is directly cut in half

According to the news, the price increase of the iPhone 12 Pro dropped to a few hundred yuan. A mobile phone shop owner recalled the channel price for nearly three days on the release date. The iPhone 12 black minimum configuration price on October 23 is 6380 It dropped 220 yuan the next day, and the shipment price of the 128G iPhone 12 Pro dropped from 9,990 yuan to 9,130 ​​yuan.

On October 24, a mobile phone store owner also said that the iPhone 12 Pro 256G in his hand was quoted in navy blue at 12,300 yuan, which is about 3,000 yuan higher than the official website price. There are many inquirers, but On the same day, I had to send messages to those who had previously inquired one by one,”Special offer is 9600 yuan”-2700 yuan lower than the previous price.

In another mobile phone shop owner’s October 26 quotation, the iPhone 12 has fallen below the issue price across the board. The official website price is 6,799 yuan, and he can give it at least 6,480 yuan.

“If you are not in a hurry to buy, you can wait. The price is estimated to be lower within a month.”

An individual shopkeeper predicted,”The iPhone has fallen below the official website price very quickly in recent years. This is not the era when a mobile phone could add 10,000 yuan.”

Official announcement! Apple gave in:only half of the”tolls”

It is also worth noting that Apple has finally made concessions to the”Apple tax” that has been criticized before.

On the evening of November 18th, Beijing time, Apple announced the launch of a new policy:Small businesses or independent developers with an annual income of less than $1 million, whose commission rates in the Apple App Store 30%dropped to 15%.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=86c6ac91feedbb2d7e0fcf5b6577fe7c - Apple admits that the iPhone12 has a green screen problem! It is also rare that the official announcement of major concessions:this"tax" is directly cut in half

Developers will be charged a certain percentage of commissions for launching applications in software application stores such as Apple and Google.

It is reported that this preferential plan will be 2021 Launched on January 1. Apple also said that the threshold of $1 million is the income from the sale of digital goods and services in the App Store, after deducting commissions.

The criteria for participation in the”Apple tax” halving is straightforward:

1. All applications of existing developers will earn less than $1 million in revenue in 2020;

2. New developers in the App Store;

3. After the halving, if the developer’s annual income exceeds the threshold of 1 million US dollars, the standard commission rate (30%) Will apply to the rest of the year.

4. If the developer’s business falls below the $1 million threshold in the next year, they can regain the 15%commission qualification in the second year.

The”Apple Tax” has brought about hundreds of billions of revenue for Apple

The App Store was established in 2008, and the Apple App Store ecology has gathered 28 million. Developers, providing 1.8 million applications, one billion visits every week.

The so-called Apple tax means that when your app is going to be on the App Store in the Apple Store, when Apple users download this app, if it involves payment or purchases in the app, they need to pay 30%to Apple Commissions for transactions. This part of the rake is also vividly called the”apple tax” by the market.

In February 2011, in the third year of the App Store launch, Apple announced that the App Store would launch subscription features for magazines and audiovisual content, and charge a 30%commission. In 2017, Apple required the purchase of virtual goods and services in the App Store to pay 30%tax to Apple. For years, the 30%Apple tax has been criticized by developers and regulators.

According to CNBC data, App Store’s annual”Apple tax” revenue is as high as 15 billion U.S. dollars, or nearly 100 billion yuan. (CNBC estimates that the App Store will have sales of US$50 billion in 2019. Assuming that developers account for 70%, Apple can collect a commission of US$15 billion).

Good for small businesses and developers

Although the income threshold of $1 million is strictly limited, for most small businesses and developers, Apple’s policy is obviously a good thing, it will increase their income and have the motivation to launch more and better applications.

In 2019, the total global revenue of the Apple Store was 519 billion US dollars, of which 85%were divided by third-party developers. Apple’s share is limited to in-app purchases, that is, 30%of the digital goods and services sold within. Among them, small businesses and individual developers have enriched the entire application form, but in 2020, these small businesses and individual entrepreneurs will also be affected by greater fluctuations.

In the Greater China Region, as of the end of 2018, Apple’s Greater China Region had more than 2.5 million developers, including many small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs with annual income of less than US$1 million. In 2018, the revenue of developers in Greater China reached 60 billion yuan. Based on this calculation, the average revenue per developer is about 24,000. In other words, many companies and individuals meet this policy.

Apple said on the 18th that the new App Store small business plan will greatly promote digital commerce and App innovation, create new jobs, and help small developers and independent developers continue to bring excellence to Apple users Software.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=00a16ec5030d877c43d52c4b90f158fe - Apple admits that the iPhone12 has a green screen problem! It is also rare that the official announcement of major concessions:this"tax" is directly cut in half

Well-known game companies fired the first shot against the”Apple tax”

Some analysis also pointed out that Apple-flavored small and medium-sized developers are facing well-known games Under the lawsuits of R&D companies, they had to make concessions.

In August this year, one of the world’s hottest games,”Fortress Night” was removed by Apple. The reason is that the developer of the game:Epic Games, fired the first shot against the”Apple tax”.

In early August, Epic Games launched an attack on Apple and sold its product Fortnite (“Fortnite”) directly to users, publicly violating the app store’s payment rules.

Apple responded to this by removing the offending app from the app store.

Epic and began suing Apple. According to foreign analysts. Since January 2012, Epic’s mobile games have been downloaded more than 159 million times on the App Store worldwide, with consumer spending as much as US$1.2 billion. According to the 30%Apple tax, approximately $360 million of the $1.2 billion in revenue went to Apple.

That is, when Apple didn’t need to do anything, it got 360 million US dollars from Epic’s transactions with consumers.

Apple has repeatedly insisted on the bottom line of 30%transaction rake, claiming that as long as Epic is willing to follow this rule, it can still be returned to the app store. As a result, Fortnite (“Fortnite”) was removed.

Now the litigation between the two parties is still ongoing. Even though Apple voiced”tax cuts” for small and medium developers, EPIC stated on the same day:”Today, we took legal action in the Federal Court of Australia to end Apple’s monopoly on the App Store and make the digital platform more fair.””We are now. Expanding the struggle to Australia, where Apple’s anti-competitive policy has the greatest impact in the world.”

Facebook and Microsoft are calling for”Apple tax”

< p>In addition, the music streaming platform Spotify has also filed an antitrust complaint against the European Union, claiming that Apple’s in-app purchase must be used for payment and that it has to contact Apple Pay 30%of the rake, Apple also restricts app developers from telling users other payment methods.

In September of this year, a non-profit organization named”Coalition for App Fairness” was born. The alliance has as many as 30 members and advocates free choice and fair competition. They work together to put pressure on companies such as Apple to oppose application stores like the App Store levying excessive commissions from software developers, and believe that the”Apple tax” is an act of combating innovation.

Apple’s policy adjustment this time may also be related to this.

In addition, Facebook previously stated that “Apple’s App Store policy is harmful to small businesses trapped in the recession triggered by the epidemic.”

Microsoft announced in September When the game streaming service will be launched, it said:“Apple is the only universal platform that denies consumers the use of cloud games and game subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass.” Facebook application leader Fidji Simo said earlier, requesting from Apple at the time Reducing the commission or allowing the use of Facebook Pay, but this request was rejected, so small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the epidemic can only get 70%of their hard-earned income.

Analysis:Little impact on Apple

According to the app analysis company Sensor Tower’s estimates, this change will affect approximately 98%of the commission paid to Apple company of. But Sensor Tower said these developers only accounted for less than 5%of App Store revenue last year.

Apple stated that the new interest rate will affect”the vast majority” of its developers, but declined to provide specific numbers. After the announcement of the policy, Apple’s stock price fell only 1.14%.

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