As long as I live… Perseverance to move forward courageously:Chinese tunic suit

By yqqlm yqqlm

This afternoon, a brother asked me:You have suffered for Chinese tunic suits for so many years, and the suffering should not be tolerable by ordinary people. How did you persevere? In fact, he didn’t know. Just before he asked me, I was scolded by others on WeChat. This is understandable, this is only to bear, because for the sake of your dream and career, for the tunic suit that you have always insisted on, you can’t settle other people’s money in time, you can only bear all this…Similar scolding, even indescribable I can’t count the verbal abuse. God knows and I know.

But I still have a belief:Perseverance is for your tunic suit. Think about us now, the country M suppresses us, Hong Kong’s a few heterogeneous extreme G independence, Taiwan’s heterogeneous T independence…We want to be unified, we want to be strong, we want to straighten our backs, and we must be held as a while ago. It was said at the Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China:Prosperity of culture, exhibition of image, and let the world know about the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation… We deeply know that the Chinese tunic suit, your opportunity has come! The only country and nation in the world that talks about “clothing, food, housing and transportation,” is the right time to promote its own image culture and develop its own image attire.

Therefore, in our Chinese tunic suit cultural center, it is not only for the cultural costumes of grandparents and dads, but more importantly, in the hearts of the younger generation, a shadowless call to wear Chinese tunic suits to the world; to the world The people show our self-confident and fashionable dress. Therefore, we have done the project of”Chinese tunic suit culture enters university campus”; through the tunic suit culture enters the campus, so that students will be more patriotic and have more national feelings!

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