Australia criticizes Australian soldiers for allegedly participating in the killing of prisoners and civilians in Afghanistan

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An investigation report released by the Australian military recently confirmed that 25 Australian soldiers were suspected of participating in 23 killings of prisoners and civilians in Afghanistan. Over the past few days, Australian politicians and media have criticized and condemned this.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison said at a press conference on the 21st that he and the public believe that the contents of the investigation report are disturbing and frustrating, and that allegations of war crimes must be handled in accordance with Australian laws and judicial systems .

The former Prime Minister of Australia Ru Kewen recently issued a statement saying that the behavior described in the report blatantly violated the Australian law”< span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”10634621″>Geneva Convention and related laws assume solemn legal obligations, and betray the code of ethics that Australians expect their military to defend. Any soldier who committed war crimes in Afghanistan and anyone who tried to cover up these crimes must be brought to justice, and the families of the victims must be compensated.

The Governor of Australia David Hurley told the local media recently that these atrocities are very terrifying and are incompatible with the Australian Defence Force It is contrary to Australian values ​​and should be condemned.

The front page article of The Australian on the 20th pointed out that this is the”most shameful page” in Australian military history. The article quoted the New South Wales judge who participated in the investigation, Paul Britton, as saying that the behavior disclosed in the report was a “shameful and great betrayal” of the Australian Defence Force’s professional standards and expectations.

On the same day, the”Australian Financial Review” published a review article entitled”Prosecuting the army is the only way to save them”, stating that the report disclosed appalling actions and some people have given the country’s army , Military history and even the country itself has cast an ugly shadow.

Australian Defence Force Commander Angus Campbell released an investigation report on the 19th, saying that a four-year investigation was conducted on whether Australian soldiers who performed missions in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2016 were suspected of war crimes. The investigation found that during their stay in Afghanistan, 25 Australian soldiers were suspected of participating in 23 incidents of killing prisoners and civilians. It is recommended that 19 of them be criminally investigated. In these incidents, a total of 39 people were killed and two others were abused.

Xinhua News Agency