Beijing Enterprises welcomes its first consecutive wins of the season

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At noon on November 4th, the Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball Team will be in the 2020-2021 season CBA League In the eighth round of the regular season, they faced the Tianjin team, which had no previous record. As a result, the Beikong team did not disappoint the fans and did not miss the victory that should be won. They defeated their opponents 87 to 80 and ushered in the season. For the first time in a winning streak, it also gave the Tianjin team an eight-game losing streak. Beijing Controls small foreign aid Joseph Young contributed 19 points and 11 assists in a double-double. After the game, he was also praised by the coach Marbury .

Beijing Controls’s men’s basketball team had a difficult victory over Suzhou Kendia in the last round. This round against the league’s bottom-ranked Tianjin team ushered in the best winning streak. Although the Tianjin team took the lead in entering the state after the opening, relying on the continuous offensive success of foreign aid Todorovich, led the team to a short lead, but then the North Control responded to a wave of 8-0 offensive under the series of Joseph Young. The climax, before the end of the first quarter, will lead the score 21-16.

In the second quarter, the scores of the two teams increased alternately. At the end of the half, Beijing Control still maintained a weak lead of 5 points. In the second half, the two teams were still playing stalemate. The Tianjin team performed very tenaciously. The North Control team could not make the difference. Even in the fourth quarter, the Tianjin team was only 2 points behind. At the critical moment, Joseph Yang and Wang Shaojie made four free throws to help the team stabilize the situation and successfully defended the Tianjin team’s counterattack. Won the game without any risk.

Joseph Young played 38 minutes in this game. Although he still had a bad feel, he took all 5 shots from outside 3-pointers and”struck iron”, but he still scored a team-high 19 points and sent more. Up to 11 assists, the double-double data play is quite satisfactory. After the game, North Control coach Marbury also said,”Everyone has improved in today’s game and played our training level. Joseph Young’s performance is being integrated into the team. He did a good job today, with 11 assists. His comprehensiveness is exactly what I want to see.”

Text/Photo courtesy of our reporter Liu Ailin/Xinhua News Agency