Beijing Housing and Urban-rural Development Committee:A special team has been set up for Eggshell Apartments

By yqqlm yqqlm

Recently Eggshell Apartment went into bankruptcy. In response, Eggshell Apartment responded on the 16th that “no bankruptcy” , Will not run away”; there are also market rumors that “the eggshell apartment will be taken over by my love and my family”.

According to every news, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development replied that a special team has been set up for Eggshell Apartments, hoping to resolve the matter smoothly, and the follow-up plan will be announced in time.

According to The Paper, I learned from people familiar with the matter that I love my family is indeed negotiating with the eggshell apartment to take over, but it has not yet been finalized.”Judging from the current progress of both parties, there has been substantial progress in the takeover. And it’s going well, and the possibility of finalization is very high.”

On January 17, 2020, Eggshell Apartments will be in the NYC The Guangdong listed stock, becoming the first Chinese concept stock to be listed on the NYSE in 2020, with a total market value of approximately US$2.74 billion at the time of listing. Founded in 2015, the company’s product forms cover shared apartments, whole rental apartments, etc., and has now entered 13 cities including Beijing, Hangzhou, and Chengdu.

It is worth noting that while continuing to expand, Eggshell Apartments, which have soaring operating costs, have been at a loss for a long time. Under the impact of the epidemic, Eggshell Apartments have fallen into the dilemma of low occupancy rates and high default rates. The high operating costs and rent costs have gradually strained the capital chain of Eggshell Apartments and encountered difficulties in operation.

Following yesterday’s surge of 75.18%, the share price of Eggshell Apartments, which is in a”rights protection dispute”, is still soaring today. After the market opened, the price rose by more than 100%. Although there was a drop in the session, it closed. At that time, the increase was still as high as 90.83%. The stock price has risen by 234.3%in the past two days. The closing stock price is 4.58 US dollars and the market value is 840 million US dollars.