Biden announced two important things. He will do it on the first day of taking office. Clearly clean up Trump?

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US presidential election this”melee” nothing ever , But Biden’s advantage seems to be growing. Trump is burying Biden’s world in thunder despite the hopeless turnaround. The German news television channel website shows that Trump is working hard to fulfill his”election promise”, such as withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and other places. Some officials believe that Trump’s goal is to”set fires” everywhere, making it difficult for the next administration to put them all out. Earlier, the Trump administration stepped up arms sales to the Middle East and signaled a strike against Iran. Yemen’s Houthi militants may also be subject to Trang. P is listed as a”terrorist organization.” Some of Trump’s plans even panic NATO, but the US State Department led by Pompeo will cooperate with Trump,”Pompeo will make every effort to make it difficult for the new government to act”.

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For Trump, who”does not go” and”digs around”, Obviously, Biden was also annoyed. On November 19th, Biden had a phone conversation with several US governors. He claimed that Trump refused to admit Losing the election”is a completely irresponsible approach” and his behavior is”unacceptable” and will have a bad impact on the United States. Biden also hinted that it would not rule out lawsuits against Trump and the US General Services Administration. The U.S. General Services Administration has not yet confirmed Biden’s victory, which makes Bye’s plan to log in to the White House encounter greater resistance. However, American public opinion now generally recognizes Biden’s victory, and even American allies have begun to extend an olive branch to Biden, which gives Biden greater courage to fight.

It is worth noting that in addition to hinting at the possibility of litigation, Biden also announced an important decision on November 19th. He said that once he took office, he would do two things on the first day. The important thing is to return the United States to the Paris Agreement and return the United States to the WHO. The United States officially announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on November 4 last year, and this decision took effect on November 4 this year. On July 6 this year, the Trump administration informed the United Nations that the United States had withdrawn from the WHO. These”retirement” actions have led to further isolation of the United States in the international community, and Biden clearly wants to save this decline.

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Of course, this is actually a direct attack on Trump, and Biden is following suit Trump, because after Trump took office, he has denied a series of policies of the Obama administration. As the representative of the Democratic Party, Biden now It is to rule his body by his own way, so that Trump also feels that his”political achievements” have been denied. Once Biden takes office, many of Trump’s laws will be repealed, which has been reported by the media before. At that time, Trump will definitely be unable to stop him. He will leave nothing but a controversial reputation for the past few years.

Compared with Trump, Biden is at least not so crazy. While cleaning up Trump, Biden is planning to do something to save him. Of course, in a situation where American politics is highly divided and American society is facing serious opposition, many of Biden’s actions are not enough to save the decline of American hegemony. Moreover, his denial of Trump will also trigger further mutual conflict between the two parties in the United States. Although many of Trump’s actions have caused headaches for Republicans, for political interests, Republicans and Democrats will continue to tear each other.

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In summary, the US presidential election is far from over. , And this election is evolving into mutual harm between Trump and Biden, which also represents the mutual harm between the two parties in the United States. Trump is prepared to bury Biden as much as possible, while Biden is waiting to sue Trump and will revoke a series of his laws after Trump steps down. At the same time, some Democratic congressmen even shouted the slogans of”liquidating Trump” and”fully investigating the Trump administration.” Therefore, even if he enters the White House and Trump leaves the field sadly, these confrontations will continue.