Biden promised to rebuild the relationship between the United States and the world, bluntly saying”The United States is back”

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Bloomberg reported on November 18 that US”President-elect” Biden said on Tuesday that he would work hard to rebuild International institutions that were damaged during the presidency of Trump conveyed this message to global leaders:”America is back.”

Biden met with defense and intelligence experts on Tuesday, many of whom worked for former President Obama when Biden Served as the vice president. Biden called these experts together because the Trump administration has not traditionally shared intelligence briefings with the elected president.

Biden said:”In my opinion, we have been damaged everywhere in the past four years. We need to rebuild our organization and workforce to show the overall strength and diversity of the United States. We must focus on making things happen. Be prepared for everything.”

Biden said that since his victory was announced, he has spoken with leaders of about 13 countries. When describing the conversation with global leaders, Biden said:”The United States is back again, and this is what I want to convey. The United States is no longer single-handed.”

According to the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) Reported that those who participated in the briefing included former deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken, former CIA deputy director Avril Haines (Avril Haines), and former U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Bauer (Samantha Blinken). Power), former special operations commander William McRaven (William McRaven) and former Central Command commander Lloyd Austin (Lloyd Austin).

The Biden transition team issued a statement after the meeting saying that experts informed Biden and”Vice President-elect” Harris of”the diplomatic, defense and intelligence challenges that the government will inherit on the first day, focusing on strategy. The situation, foreign policy, and the preparation of national security agencies and institutions”.