Can human beings reach a type of civilization? All signs indicate that it may be right

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The universe is now 13.8 billion years old, and humanity has only been out of Africa 200,000 years. The real development of science and technology In just three centuries or so, it can be said that the development of mankind took only a few seconds in the universe, and it has reached today’s situation.

If there are some intelligent life in the universe that have evolved hundreds of years, tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of years, it is possible for them to evolve for such a long time. Within a period of time, these intelligent beings should have reached quite advanced technology.

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Humans are just like ants in front of them. Mention. Regarding these civilizations with inconsistent development levels, a scientist in the last century classified civilizations of different levels according to their energy usage.

One type of civilization is the home planet civilization, which can use all the energy on its planet and surrounding satellites, and consumes 10^16 watts of energy per second, which is equivalent to the current earth Solar energy received per second.

It can be seen that mankind is still a certain distance away from this energy output and consumption. According to the current level of mankind, it is not enough for a kind of civilization, at a level of 0.7.

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To achieve the energy produced by a class of civilized humans It must be increased thousands of times on this basis. If you want to increase energy output, fossil fuels are definitely no longer enough. Nuclear energy must be completely used to replace most of the current fossil energy.

Scientists estimate that it will take at least 200 years for mankind to reach a type of civilization. The biggest sign is that mankind controls a clean and sustainable nuclear fusion reaction.

But if civilization can develop very smoothly, then we are now filled with a large number of aliens, because as mentioned above, some civilizations have been developed for a long time, not only breakthroughs The first type of civilization has crossed over to the second type of civilization, and even reached the third type of civilization;


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The second type of civilization has controlled the energy of its parent star, can use the energy of the entire planetary system, and can travel, colonize, and settle at will in its own planetary system.

The three types of civilizations are galaxy civilizations. They can dominate and colonize the entire galaxy, such as the Milky Way.

So it stands to reason that our earth has been visited by aliens, and we have been colonized by aliens. But we did not find them, and we could not find them.

So the scientist Fermi asked:Where have all the aliens gone? This is the so-called Fermi Paradox which is difficult for humans to answer.

In order to explain this paradox, people have put forward various conjectures. Among them, one of them is worth pondering, that is, the development of human civilization is not smooth sailing, and they will be encountered to a certain extent. Many obstacles;

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If some obstacles cannot be overcome, then this It is to cause a civilization to decline or even die. This view is the so-called”big filter”

It is like a sieve that constantly screens civilizations in the universe, causing many civilizations to encounter unknown disasters and become extinct in the process of development. ;

As a result, no civilization can reach the third type of civilization (because we have not seen aliens), and it must have caused many civilizations to fail to reach the first type of civilization, or the second type of civilization .

So the”big filter” is an obstacle to the development of intelligent civilization. The higher the level of civilization, the more difficult it is to develop and the more difficult it is to solve the problems encountered.

So when human beings enter a civilization, they will also encounter some risks. These risks will lead to our extinction, and we will be screened out by the universe.

For humans, the”big filter” may bring us the following risks in the future:

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Before finding sustainable alternative energy sources, fossil resources are depleted.

We still have a long way to go from a type of civilization. This huge threshold requires us to find sustainable and clean energy.

Nuclear fusion is the best choice. This is why mankind is now working hard to overcome the problem of nuclear fusion. It is also the reason why mankind is vigorously exploring the moon and want to establish a lunar base because there is nuclear fusion on it. The raw material:helium-3.

However, the controllable nuclear fusion that mankind currently has is still difficult to achieve balance of payments, and there is still a long way to go. When will it be mastered, and the application of this time is uncertain.

But we must master controllable nuclear fusion before fossil energy is exhausted, otherwise the entire human society will rapidly decline due to the exhaustion of resources. Not only will it affect the development of mankind, but if it is serious, it will cause mankind to fall apart until its extinction.

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In addition to nuclear fusion, we have a shortcut Go, this shortcut will not only allow us to break through the first type of civilization, it will even allow us to directly enter the second type of civilization, which is to completely accept the energy of solar radiation.

The idea is to build a huge sphere around the sun to surround the sun, which is the so-called Dyson sphere.

However, this idea cannot be realized at all with the current human ability, because the construction of such a huge structure first requires a huge amount of resources. Mining the earth is definitely not enough. At least all the resources on Mercury and Mars must be mined. To build a metal structure surrounding the sun.

How to realize the huge energy input in this process? If human beings have the ability to mine other planets, it is estimated that nuclear fusion has already been mastered. Therefore, it is necessary to transform into clean fusion energy before the earth’s resources are exhausted.

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environmental threats

Humankind has developed in just 200 years, climate change has now become a big problem threatening human survival. We are now talking about environmental pollution, ecological destruction, and material diversity disappearing all day long;

< p>As well as the abnormal climate brought about by global warming, droughts, floods, and large-scale fires have become common phenomena. Problems such as the retreat of polarities and mountain glaciers have become increasingly serious, threatening the survival of mankind.

If the destruction of the earth’s environment by mankind continues at such a speed, that is, in hundreds of years, the earth will definitely not be able to bear the weight of mankind.

The earth gave birth to us, but it may eventually be destroyed by our own hands.

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nuclear war

The future is full of many uncertainties. Scientists have always worried about the idea that wars between races, especially nuclear wars, will lead to extinction.

As of 2020, there are more than 14,000 nuclear weapons on Earth. The existing nuclear arsenal is 3000 times that of World War II. This is enough to systematically destroy the entire land of our planet and all the life in it.

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Artificial Intelligence

Various sci-fi movies have portrayed us that humans can only retaliate and eradicate humans. This is what Hawking worried about during his lifetime.

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Alien civilization

Alien civilization is actually a threat to us, so many scientists now prevent us from sending signals to the universe to expose our location.

Maybe we will really encounter a second-class or even a third-class civilization. These civilizations may be friendly, but more often they will colonize the earth and destroy us.

This is the law of the dark forest. Alien civilizations are hiding themselves so as not to be discovered by higher-level civilizations and bring themselves to death.

There is another idea that there are already some higher civilizations in the universe, they are observing lower civilizations all the time, and when these lower civilizations do not pose a threat to them, they ignore them;


When they feel that these low-level civilizations have developed to a certain level and do not want to let them develop, or may threaten them, they will destroy this low-level civilization.

The above are the risks that humans may encounter before entering a type of civilization. Although these risks are just guesses, they are all possible. In particular, the depletion of resources and environmental pollution that mankind will face in the future. If there is no breakthrough in science and technology, mankind will definitely decline. This is very certain.