Canada is the world’s second largest country in terms of area and has only 60,000 troops. Why is no one attacking him?

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Army building is the foundation of a country and a prerequisite for long-term stability. And the army of each country will build a perfect army according to its own strategic needs. Generally speaking, the size of the military of a large country will be relatively larger than that of a small country. However, there is a country in the world that maintains a military scale that is completely disproportionate to its own physical size. It is second only to Russia, the world’s largest country in area, and larger than China, but its military size is only about 60,000. , This country is Canada.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=4647959b00687e8f2931990f1539861c - Canada is the world's second largest country in terms of area and has only 60,000 troops. Why is no one attacking him?

Canada, located at the northernmost tip of North America, surrounded by the sea on three sides, has the largest land area in the world Second, most of the country’s land area is located near the Arctic Circle, and the population is mainly concentrated in the southern region. It is a typical country with a large area and sparsely populated areas. Tourism and tourism have developed very well, and people’s livelihood issues have been solved very well, but the army is very small, so will he not worry that his country will be invaded?

The latest data shows that Canada, the world’s second largest country in terms of land area, has a total population of no more than 30 million. If a powerful country wants to invade Canada, Canada alone cannot stop it. Yes, it’s really bold to see Canada!

There is a reason why Canada has no worries, and that is that it has a powerful country like the United States as its neighbor. Not only does the northwest and the south have borders with the United States, Canada and the United States have a century of existence. Important historical allies, the two countries have extensive cooperation. Canada believes that the United States will not abandon him for its own interests. Once Canada encounters a threat, the United States will not stand by. The truth is clear.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=6cbc9eccd3b74a025568e2f77a79445a - Canada is the world's second largest country in terms of area and has only 60,000 troops. Why is no one attacking him?

According to the current situation, the United States leads the world in scientific research and industrial technology. The country’s military scale is also very large, but even the United States has a very large territorial area and cannot bear it under such consumption. The speed of resource extraction cannot keep up with the consumption. Canadian resources just make up for the shortage of the United States. Therefore, if Canada is invaded, the United States is profitable to Canada and will certainly not sit idly by.

So, in the face of Canada’s weak army building, won’t the United States start with this tuple of”fat”? Canada used to worry that the United States would launch an offensive against itself, but then Canada changed its mind. If the United States really wanted to take over itself, it would have started it long ago. How could it wait until today? Moreover, the United States focuses its attention on all parts of the world. Instead of distracting, it is better to continue to coexist with Canada for a century of friendship and mutual benefit. Therefore, Canada has been developing on its own mind with the idea of ​​”whether it is a blessing or not a curse, and that a misfortune cannot be avoided”.

In Canada’s view, as the world’s largest military power, the strength of the United States is naturally not something that it can contend with. If the United States really wants to attack itself, then lie down. As long as the people are guaranteed not to be hurt, the society is stable, and the people are happy.

Therefore, Canada saves the military expenditure required for the construction of border defense, mainly for the country’s infrastructure, economic construction, and weaponry research and development. At the same time, there are many cooperation projects with the United States. And colleagues in these projects to improve Canada’s own economic level have also helped the United States’ economic growth. If there is a crisis in Canada, the United States’ finances will also face an impact. This is also a phenomenon that the United States never wants to see.

Now, Canada has indeed developed very well because of its backing to the United States. However, if there are political differences between Canada and the United States, it will definitely face a particularly severe crisis. However, it may be that Canadians value the Cathay Pacific Minan.

For China, Canada’s development method is not suitable for my country. China’s neighboring countries are ambitious and often have historical grievances. If China did not maintain its military development, it would have been divided by the powers long ago. It has long been known in history that the Chinese have engraved the history of blood and tears in their bones. Therefore, China chooses its own unique development path and firmly believes that its own strength is truly powerful, and the concept of”relying on people rather than relying on itself” will allow China to grow rapidly.

(Text/Lu Jiajun)