Canadian Prime Minister said that normal Christmas is hopeless and Toronto will reclose the city

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The Prime Minister of Canada said that normal Christmas is hopeless Toronto will be closed again

Xin News Agency, Toronto, November 20 (Reporter Yu Ruidong)”Frankly speaking, a normal Christmas is impossible.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a televised speech on November 20, calling on citizens to reduce personal contact to curb the severe new crown epidemic. Canada’s largest city, Toronto, will return to its”closed city” status.

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On October 24th, local time, a restaurant in Toronto, Canada, used an outdoor”bubble table” that helps maintain a safe social distance to attract diners. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Ruidong

Trudeau gave a live TV speech in front of his residence in Ottawa and responded to media questions. He said that although Canadians have made sacrifices in the past 10 months, they must now tighten epidemic prevention measures again.”We need to do everything we can to slow the spread of the virus and stop the epidemic from soaring.”


p > As of the evening of November 20, a total of 320,719 cases have been reported in Canada, an increase of 4,968 from the previous day; 256,646 recovered, 11,334 died, and 52,739 were active.

The latest epidemic model data released by the Public Health Agency on the 20th shows that if people’s social level develops, by the end of this year, Canada’s daily new cases can exceed 20,000; Without restrictions, this number can reach 60,000.

Trudo said that the only way to reverse the situation is to reduce personal contact. He urged the public to stay at home as much as possible, avoid unnecessary travel, and work from home. He also encouraged people to download and use the anti-epidemic alert mobile phone program launched by the federal government. However, there are still two provinces that have not implemented this application.

He said that the best way to protect the economy is to contain the virus. He also promised that the federal government will continue to implement rent subsidies, wage subsidies and other relief measures for enterprises and individuals, and will continue to provide financial support to fight the epidemic.

Ontario announced on the same day that Toronto, the capital of the province and Canada’s most populous city, and its neighbors The Peel area will be included in the”grey area” with the highest level of epidemic prevention from November 23, and the ban will be re-implemented for at least 28 days. The cumulative number of reported cases in the province exceeded 100,000 on this day.

Under the ban, non-family members are not allowed to come in in principle; restaurants only allow take-out, and dine-in and outdoor dining areas must be stopped; most retail stores can only provide roadside pickup or outside dining Delivery service; outdoor public activities can only accommodate up to 10 people; indoor sports or entertainment venues, casinos, barber shops and other personal care services must be closed. But the school can remain open.

Toronto has implemented”closure” measures from March to June to contain the epidemic. Ontario recently set the epidemic prevention level from low to high to five levels of green, yellow, orange, red, and gray. Starting from November 14th, Toronto and the Peel area have been classified as the second most serious”red area.”

Currently, many provinces and regions in Canada are experiencing the peak of the epidemic, and the inpatient hospital has hit a new high, making the hospital overwhelmed.

Canada has already pre-purchased about 414 million doses of the new crown vaccine from many pharmaceutical companies. Based on the country’s population, the total number is more than 10 doses per person. The Canadian Public Health Department predicts that by the end of March 2021, Canada will receive 6 million doses of vaccine. Health officials recently stated that by the end of 2021, most Canadians should be vaccinated. (End)

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