Cannavaro has a headache for attack

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Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Zhang Zhe

Last night, Beijing time, the second round of the 2020 AFC Champions League Group G between Suwon Samsung and Guangzhou Evergrande was held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha get on. After 90 minutes of hard work, the two sides tied it 0-0. Zhang Linpeng left the field with a headshot injury during the game, and Gorath returned to a mediocre performance. Cannavaro and Heng Daquan are still in the process of familiarizing themselves with the rhythm of the AFC Champions League, and their performance in all aspects of the first game is not ideal.

The effect of Evergrande’s first”face change” is not good

Due to the withdrawal of Johor, Malaysia, Evergrande’s Group G has only two rivals, Suwon Samsung and Kobe Victory. In the two games already played in February, Suwon Samsung actually lost two straight. Although after Johor’s withdrawal, Suwon Samsung could deduct one of the losses, it still had one goal difference less than that of the Evergrande team that did not fight. Therefore, from a strategic point of view, Evergrande’s battle against Suwon last night can accept a tie. Because Suwon only has two games in the next round, as long as Evergrande defeats Suwon in the second round, it can basically enter the top two of the group and qualify.

Constrained by the objective conditions of more wounded soldiers, Ka Shuai lined up a seldom-used starting lineup for Evergrande last night. On the back line, Jiang Kwangtae partnered with Mei Fang as a central defender, and Park Zhizhu hit the left back. After all, the opponent is a South Korean team, and Wu Shaocong’s experience and confrontational ability may be at a disadvantage, while Park Zhisu’s tough defensive style can make up for the left back. Shortcomings of lack of people.

In midfield, due to the absence of Paulinho and Zheng Zhi, Kashuai used the”All China Class” combination of Liao Lisheng + Zhang Xiuwei + Xu Xin last night. On the defensive line, Goolat, who returned on loan, started to play the center position, and the left and right wingers used Wei Shihao + Yang Liyu domestic players combination.

The actual battle shows that this lineup of Evergrande does not have enough AFC competitiveness. In particular, the control of the midfield was severely reduced, and even the first half was basically suppressed by the opponent. Although Goolat returned on the offensive end, his own state and cooperation with Hengda’s current players need to find a new sense. Wei Shihao should be the most eye-catching player in Evergrande’s formation last night. Unfortunately, in the second half of the match, he didn’t hit the right part of the shot, otherwise he should be able to knock on the opponent’s door for Evergrande.

The lack of”firepower” of Evergrande is a big problem.

Last night, Evergrande’s opponent, Suwon Samsung, is South Korea’s traditional giant team, but they have experienced a coaching change this season. The blow of the main loss, the team’s overall performance is very bad. Suwon only scored 27 goals in 27 games in the K-League this season, ranking second last in the regular season, and did not rebound until he entered the relegation group. This time in the AFC Champions League, Suwon’s foreign aids Henry, Taggart, and Antonius did not come to the division, and veteran Yeon Ki-hoon did not reach Doha. As a result, in the face of such a”all-Korean class” team, Evergrande did not take advantage of the game.

According to the official statistics of the game, Evergrande’s ball possession rate was only 46%, and data such as the number of passes, the number of shots and the number of shots on target were all behind Suwon Samsung. What’s more embarrassing is that Evergrande made 5 shots in the whole game, and 0 shots! In fact, judging from the overall process of losing the championship in the two rounds of the Super Finals, Evergrande’s lack of “firepower” is the biggest difficulty they have to face this year to compete for good results.

Hengda has always been strong in the Super League and the AFC, which is reflected in the midfield control. But last night, the”All China Class” midfield combination used by Kashuai in the first half was completely suppressed by his opponents. This situation was not until Luo Guofu and Huang Bowen I only improved after playing. After Goolat’s return, whether his best position is in the striker or in the midfield, it is not easy for Kashuai to find a solution.

Three days later, Evergrande will face the Kobe Victory Ship led by Iniesta. At that time, after Talisca, Fernando and others come back, it is worth looking forward to how Kashuai will play again.

Source:Guangzhou Daily

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