Chen Meng defends the ITTF finals women’s singles champion

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Chen Meng defending ITTF finals women’s singles champion

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2020-11-22 17:40

The 22nd final of the 2020 ITTF finals will be closed. In the women’s singles final, Chen Meng defeated 4:1 Teammate Wang Manyu has won the ITTF Women’s Singles Championship for four consecutive years, setting a record for this event.

Chen Meng and Wang Manyu are old rivals in the international arena. Chen Meng maintains an 11-4 advantage. In the first game, Chen Meng entered the state quickly and got the game point at 10:5, but Wang Manyu did not give up, chasing 4 points. At the critical moment, Chen Meng seized the opportunity, scored 1 point, and won 11:9. First game. In the second game, Wang Manyu led by 7:3, but Chen Meng suddenly exerted his strength and scored 6 points in a row to overtake the score. Wang Manyu resisted the pressure to pull the score to 9:9, and finally won by 13:11. In the third game, Chen Meng started with 4:0. Wang Manyu kept chasing points until 9:9. Then the scores of the two sides rose alternately and tied three times. In the end, Chen Meng won the game with 14:12.

In the fourth game, Chen Meng had the advantage in the middle and late game. She scored two points to win the game after 9:8. In the fifth game, Wang Manyu was in poor condition. Chen Meng started with 5:0 and quickly hit 10:1. Although Wang Manyu tried his best to counterattack, the gap was too big. Chen Meng finally won the game 11:5.

“I am very happy to win the game. The first three games were very stalemate. A 2:1 lead laid a certain foundation for my self-confidence.” Chen Meng said after the game,”In such a difficult situation. Under the circumstances, with the efforts of the ITTF and the Chinese Table Tennis Association, the tournament can be restarted. I am really happy and cherish it. The results of these two tournaments (after the restart) are perfect for me. I hope The next game will continue to be perfect.”

In this ITTF finals, Chen Meng defeated Japanese player Miyu Kato, German player Solga and teammates Sun Yingsha, and Wang Manyu met in the final. Wang Manyu defeated Japanese player Hitomi Sato, Chinese Taipei player Zheng Yijing and Japanese giant Mima Ito on the road to promotion.