[China (Beijing) International Audiovisual Conference] Create a new situation for audiovisual with a high-level international platform

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On November 19, the 2020 China (Beijing) International Audiovisual Conference (“CIAC”) kicked off in Beijing. At present, the characteristics of cross-border integration, inclusive aggregation, and synergy in the audiovisual field are becoming more prominent. Strengthening international cooperation in the audiovisual field is the general trend. As a high-level, international audiovisual feast, this conference has many participants, experts gathered together, and international activities are colorful and vibrant. What are the highlights that are particularly worthy of attention?

“Offline + Online” two-line exhibition, broaden the communication bridge between international exhibitors

With the accelerated development of the Internet and global technological innovation, high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, and 5G have been continuously applied to the audio-visual field, and new industries and formats have emerged one after another. At the same time, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to promote high-quality development, which is also the fundamental follow and action guide for the development of the audiovisual industry. In order to adapt to the iterative upgrade of technology and meet the new expectations of the people in audiovisual, this conference is committed to presenting the high-quality development achievements of technology and service innovation in the international audiovisual field.

Offline exhibitors showcase cutting-edge new technologies. The offline exhibition attracted many internationally renowned companies and organizations such as Sony, Dolby Laboratories, Canon, and RØDE Microphones to participate in the exhibition, involving innovative applications in the entire industry chain such as technology, content and business formats in the audio-visual field, focusing on cutting-edge technology products , High-quality content and key application scenarios, highlighting the new achievements of high-quality development in the audio-visual field. For example, well-known international exhibitors in the 5G+8K ultra-high-definition special exhibition area have shown their latest scientific and technological applications in the 5G+8K field. Dolby Laboratories brings cutting-edge technologies such as”Dolby Vision” and”Dolby Atmos”, and is equipped with laptops, tablets, mobile phones and smart speaker products. Participants can experience cutting-edge technologies in film, variety shows, The application of sports and music content allows you to experience the new changes in the audio-visual industry from zero distance.

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Build a new communication channel on the cloud booth. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the flow of personnel and international exchanges have been blocked. In this context, this audio-visual conference will organically integrate the”cloud” +”offline” forms. During the four-day exhibition time, thousands of domestic and foreign products were displayed online through the online cloud exhibition platform. In addition, the e-commerce platform of the Audiovisual Industry Pavilion will be built to form a new exhibition model integrating cloud and offline, exhibition exchanges + offline transactions, and build a new bridge for users at home and abroad to communicate.

Link to the overseas season of outstanding film and television dramas, telling wonderful Chinese stories p>

The conference held the summit forum and launch ceremony of the global cloud audio-visual broadcasting season, integrating the resources of the European, African, and Middle Eastern broadcasting seasons, and inviting ambassadors and cultural counselors from 15 countries in China to participate on site , To jointly explore all-round and in-depth cooperation in the audiovisual field, jointly build a bridge between Chinese and foreign audiences, facilitate international cultural exchanges, and make new contributions to multi-level civilization dialogue.

At the summit forum and launching ceremony, a promotional film for the overseas exhibition season of Beijing’s outstanding film and television dramas was played. The first broadcast season was launched in London, England in 2015. It was included in the list of the achievements of President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK in 2015 and was included in the third China-UK Humanities High-level Exchange Conference. In the past five years, the overseas broadcast season of Beijing’s outstanding film and television dramas has gradually become an important platform for business cooperation and development in the Chinese and foreign audiovisual industries. So far, the overseas exhibition season of Beijing’s outstanding film and television dramas has covered the United Kingdom, Russia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Croatia and other regions in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas for promotion, promotion and screening. Hundreds of high-quality films and televisions that tell Chinese stories and demonstrate the Chinese spirit have contributed to many cooperation results.

The new environment presents a new atmosphere, and new technologies contain new opportunities.”2020 Beijing Outstanding Film and TV Drama Overseas Exhibition Season” is equipped with the largest offline audiovisual industry comprehensive exhibition in 2020-the first China (Beijing) International Audiovisual Conference, relying on emerging technologies such as big data and VR to provide overseas audiences with a better understanding of China , Know China, feel the charm of Chinese culture and make new contributions; and open the door to the international market for the production and distribution of Chinese film and television dramas, and build an important communication platform for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and corporate cooperation.

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Chinese and foreign big names gather to focus on industry forward-looking topics

More than 30 professional forums, China-Africa Roundtable Forum and China-Arab Roundtable Forum were held in this conference. Nearly 300 domestic and foreign experts and scholars gathered to explore the concepts, experiences, mechanisms, and models of innovative development in the audiovisual field at home and abroad through keynote speeches, topic discussions, dialogues and exchanges, and deeply interpret new opportunities and challenges in the development of audiovisual content. Share successful experiences and cases from multiple perspectives, deepen exchanges and mutual learning, and provide advice and suggestions for the high-quality development of the audiovisual industry.

The Golden Tree International Documentary Festival Forum invited the Discovery Channel, BBC, Meridian Lines Films and other internationally renowned documentary institutions experts as well as documentary experts from Germany, India and other countries to participate in the”Cloud”The meeting held forward-looking academic discussions on the future development trend of world documentaries, and discussed the topic of documentary cooperation on how to conduct cross-cultural exchanges under the epidemic situation, especially the exchange of opinions on cooperation in Sino-foreign co-production, joint production, and international communication. . At present, the accelerated development of the Internet and the admission of short videos are both opportunities and challenges for the documentary industry, and they are also key issues that have attracted the attention of the industry. George Kurian, a documentary producer from India, said that the new media has changed the content of documentaries, but what form and what it looks like are key issues that we need to think about.

Explore multiple cooperation methods and build a normalized communication mechanism

2020 China (Beijing) International Audiovisual Conference held a signing ceremony for Sino-foreign audiovisual cooperation, and the launching ceremony of the Beijing New Audiovisual Overseas Cooperation Alliance. The holding of these events means that international cooperation in the audio-visual field has a long-term stable and good exchange platform, which adds endogenous motivation to strengthen international exchanges and dialogues and further develop the international market.

At the same time, in order to promote the exchanges and dialogues between young Chinese and European filmmakers, the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival launched the”Golden Fruit Plan” (Golden Fruit Plan) in collaboration with European industry organizations such as Poland and the Netherlands. ), aimed at discovering and cultivating new stars in the documentary industry, alternately developing in China and Europe every year. This year, the proposal conference invited 4 well-known documentary experts from Poland and China as project mentors to conduct one-to-one”diagnosis” on the 8 shortlisted outstanding proposals from China and Europe through online and offline video conferences to help young documentaries improve their professional skills and Cross-cultural understanding, to promote new documentary creation exchanges and international cooperation. In addition, the”Golden Trees and Fruits Project” will also help the works to be implemented through rewards, pre-sales and incubation, and build a normalized exchange and dialogue platform for Sino-European youth friendship, and promote the communication and mutual promotion of civilized youth in China and Europe.


p style=”text-align:justify”>General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that “China is currently in the best period of development since modern times, and the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. The two are simultaneously intertwined and turbulent.” This is undoubtedly a major strategic judgment made on the situation of the current era. The long road is long and the future can be expected. For the audio-visual industry, it is necessary to strengthen open cooperation, continue to innovate, and strive to promote the high-quality development of the audio-visual industry with a more active attitude.