China Merchants Shekou plans to set up a special plan of 4.2 billion yuan and is expected to contribute 2.5 billion yuan in net profit

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New Beijing News (trainee reporter Rao Shuwei) On the evening of November 18, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as”China Merchants Shekou“) announced that it intends to establish an asset-backed special plan and transfer contract private equity fund shares to the special plan.

According to the announcement, China Merchants Shekou intends to act as the original stakeholder to cooperate with Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd. to develop Shenwan Hongyuan- China Merchants Shekou-Tiger Minghua Asset-backed Special Plan (referred to as the”Special Plan”). At the same time, China Merchants Shekou transferred the company’s fully subscribed China Merchants Investment-China Merchants Shekou Tiger Minghua Private Equity Investment Fund (referred to as the”Contract Private Equity Fund”) to a special plan.

It is reported that the special plan is planned to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and its basic assets are all contractual private equity funds enjoyed by China Merchants Shekou, including shareholder borrowings from Zhaoping Shengyuan and Zhaoping Shengtai, and indirectly held Minghua Seaman and Zhaoshengge Real Estate owns 100%equity.

The product period of the special plan is 5 years, the issuance scale does not exceed 4.2 billion yuan, and its asset-backed securities is divided into Priority A-level asset-backed securities is 1.8 billion yuan, priority B-level asset-backed securities is 300 million yuan, and subordinated asset-backed securities is 2.05 billion yuan. The raised funds are intended to be used in the scope of purposes permitted by the relevant regulatory authorities, including but not limited to repaying company debts and supplementing working capital.

In addition, China Merchants Shekou intends to subscribe for a subsidiary established and managed by Shenyin Wanguo Innovation Capital Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as the”partnership private equity fund manager”), which is intended to be used for the support of secondary assets of the investment special plan For securities partnership private equity funds (hereinafter referred to as”partnership private equity funds”), the total subscription amount shall not exceed 960 million yuan.

It is reported that the total scale of the partnership private equity fund is 2.451 billion yuan, the operating period is 10 years, and the investment period is 5 years. It is planned to invest in currency.

China Merchants Shekou said that this special plan will help improve the liquidity of the company’s assets. At the same time, it is expected to contribute about 2.5 billion yuan of net profit for the company during the reporting period (subject to the audit results of the audit agency), which will help the company develop financing channels, improve the efficiency of capital use, and improve the asset-liability ratio.

The Beijing News trainee reporter Rao Shuwei

Editor Wu Xin proofread Xue Jingning