Chinese compatriots safely evacuated from the north of this country

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Source:Xinhua News Agency

On the evening of November 3, Ethiopia Northern Tigre State, gunshot stabbed Break the tranquility of the night.”Tigray People’s Liberation Front” (referred to as”Tiren Front”) armed personnel suddenly attacked the Ethiopian Defense Forces military base in the state. The Ethiopian Defense Forces subsequently attacked some targets in Tigray Region.

At this time, Energy China Gezhouba Group Ethiopia Makere Water Supply Development Project Department (referred to as Makere Project Department) Executive deputy general manager Wang Yuepeng also vaguely heard gunshots.

On the morning of the 4th, Wang Yuepeng discovered that the government had cut off all network and mobile phone communications in Tigray State. He reported the local situation to his superiors through the only satellite phone on the project.

The smell of gunpowder in Tigray State is getting stronger and stronger. In response to the attack on the”Thiren Front”, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy said on the 4th that the government would take military action against the”Third Front”. Abi said that the air strikes were aimed at the military targets of the”dangerous group” and called on the people of Tigray State to surrender the members of the”dangerous group” to the government.

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On November 11, the evacuation vehicle drove on the road from Tigray State of Ethiopia to Addis Ababa. Xinhua News Agency (Photo courtesy of Gezhouba Group)

For a time, in the conflict area of ​​Tigray State, the Ethiopian Defense Forces continuously bombed the targets of the”Timan Front”.

At this time, more than 600 Chinese compatriots working in engineering projects and industrial parks in Tigray State could not sleep day and night, and their relatives in China were also very anxious.

Military conflicts may cause difficulties in purchasing daily supplies, and the Makeree Project Department decided to increase food and drinking water reserves. The personnel of Chinese-funded institutions who ventured to the local market to purchase found that there were few people and vehicles on the street, and many shops had closed their doors.

In order to prevent the expansion of the military conflict from endangering the safety of Chinese compatriots, the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia decisively decided to organize the evacuation of Chinese citizens, and designated the Makere Project Department to organize the exercise, improvement and update of the evacuation plan.

At 6 o’clock in the morning local time on the 11th, under the coordination of the embassy, ​​the Makeray Project Department, together with CCCC, China Railway and other units, gathered the first batch of 402 compatriots and more than 60 vehicles from Tigray State. Evacuate and head for Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

There are many checkpoints along the way. In order to pass the customs smoothly, the embassy contacted the Ethiopian Federal Police to help coordinate the checkpoint clearance. Despite this, Wang Yuepeng’s heart has been hanging on the road for more than 1,100 kilometers.

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On November 12, the evacuation vehicle drove on the road from Tigray State of Ethiopia to Addis Ababa. Xinhua News Agency (Photo courtesy of Gezhouba Group)

After passing through war zones, blockades, and numerous checkpoints, on the evening of the 11th, the evacuees were eaten by the project camp in the Semela Industrial Park in Afar State. Delicious meals.

At 7 pm on the 12th, the convoy drove out of the highway exit. The Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Zhao Zhiyuan and the Minister Counselor Liu Yu of the Economic and Commercial Office waved to everyone to express their condolences. That night, all the first batch of evacuated persons arrived safely in Addis Ababa.

The embassy then began to organize the evacuation of the remaining Chinese compatriots in Tigray State. This group of compatriots are basically in the western part of Tigray State, which is also an area where the National Defense Forces and the”Tiren Front” exchanged fierce fire.

On the 13th, the Valkate sugar factory built by a Chinese company in Tigray State was attacked by bombs. Three bombs fell on the sugar factory area and the concrete mixing equipment was damaged. Fortunately, no Chinese compatriots were killed or injured. A total of 187 Chinese compatriots work in this sugar factory, and their lives are constantly threatened by war.

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The Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia contacted the Ethiopian Defense Forces to escort the Chinese compatriots to evacuate. On the 19th, under the protection of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, 204 Chinese compatriots were evacuated from Tigray Region in 19 vehicles. Since then, with the exception of a few left behind, most of the Chinese compatriots in Tigray State have been evacuated.

“Fighting, communication interruption, and Chinese compatriots scattered in various places in Tigray State, it is really difficult to be able to gather and evacuate.” Lei Yanxing said the evacuees.

Lei Yanxing is a Chinese teacher at Merkre University in Tigray State.”The moment of crisis shows the spirit of solidarity and mutual love among Chinese compatriots, and the evacuation activities organized by the embassy also make people feel the warmth of the motherland.” Lei Yanxing said.

Recalling the evacuation, Wang Yuepeng, who participated in the organization and coordination, was even more proud and excited:”Our motherland is the strongest backing for every Chinese overseas.”