Chinese experts and social organization representatives call for the fight against hate speech at the UN forum

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China News Service, Geneva, November 20. From November 19th to 20th, the 13th UN Human Rights Council Forum on Minority Issues was held by video conference, Chinese experts, scholars and social organizations At the forum, the representative introduced China’s policies and practices for protecting the rights of ethnic minorities and called on the international community to jointly combat hate speech.

Wang Bilin, director of the China Ethnic Minority Exchange Association, said that as a multi-ethnic country, China insists on safeguarding ethnic unity and freedom of religious belief, and firmly opposes the promotion of ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining ethnic unity, and the promotion of religious extremism. , Information that undermines religious unity and harmony; cyberspace should not become a place outside the law. It is necessary to correctly grasp the organic unity of the free flow of information with national security and public interests to achieve effective governance of cyberspace.

Based on his own experience, Yang Chao, director of the Chinese Society of Anthropology and Ethnology, introduced the situation of China’s Tibetan, Bai, Mongolian, and Hui ethnic minorities in poverty alleviation, employment, and education under the support of government policies. It is pointed out that the social media reports of China’s ethnic policies in some countries are full of hateful prejudice and completely inconsistent with the facts. Social media should be used to convey the truth, rather than spread hatred and inflammatory speech, which endangers the security of other countries.

Associate Professor Liu Dongxu of Minzu University of China said that China has a cultural tradition that tolerates ethnic diversity, which has nurtured the concept of adhering to equality, unity and common prosperity and development of all ethnic groups, which is fully reflected in Chinese laws and systems; minorities A society where Americans or immigrants are not treated equally can easily become a hotbed of hate speech. The social unrest caused by African American protests is precisely the heavy price paid by the United States because of inequality.

Zheng Liang, a professor at Jinan University, introduced China’s efforts to combat online hate speech, saying that China has enacted and promulgated the”Cyber ​​Security Law” and other network management regulations to effectively combat speech that promotes ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination, and requires online real names Registered and Internet companies take responsibility for the content posted on their platforms, and the Chinese government has demonstrated outstanding leadership in eliminating discrimination and protecting the rights of minorities.

Zhong Xin, a professor at Renmin University of China, said that the ethnic, religious, and gender-discriminatory words and deeds contained in hate speech are prohibited by Chinese law. Some Chinese students in the United States were afraid of racial discrimination caused by the epidemic. Go out. International organizations, governments, and social media need to act together to limit the spread of hate speech. Faced with global problems such as pandemics, people of all countries belong to a community with a shared future.

Professor Wang Sixin of the Communication University of China pointed out that hate speech against minorities is becoming more and more popular around the world. In some countries, minorities are not only subjected to verbal insults, but also physical attacks. Unprecedented disasters have become the breeding ground for hate speech on social media, and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects hate speech distributors. Because of this, the U.S. government and its leaders have become”machines” for hate speech since the beginning of the epidemic. The people of relevant countries and the world have caused harm. Many participating countries and non-governmental organizations criticized the United States and Europe for the existence of racial discrimination,”Islamophobia,” and politicians’ spreading hate speech. (End)

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Source:China News Net