City government will update the epidemic prevention guide online

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[Overseas News reporter Yang Chengyu reported from New York on November 18] The new crown epidemic in New York City has recently been on the rise. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, people gatherings and travel may further worsen the epidemic. The Municipal Health Bureau and other institutions held an online meeting on the 18th to remind businesses and the public to abide by various epidemic prevention guidelines, and to avoid gatherings and travel during holidays to help curb the surge in cases.

Jackie Bray, deputy administrative director of the City’s Epidemic Inspection and Tracking Program, said that the number of new crown infections in New York City has recently seen a significant increase, of which more than 80%are indoor gatherings and family members who do not wear masks. spread. At the same time, people’s interstate and outbound travel are also a major cause of transmission. At present, the city government has carried out testing and education promotion in multiple epidemic hotspots in the city to slow down the development of the epidemic by distributing masks and setting up community testing.

Bray said that the holiday season is approaching, but for epidemic prevention considerations, I hope people can avoid family gatherings or travel as much as possible. If you must travel, you should strictly abide by the quarantine and other epidemic prevention policies promulgated by the states, and conduct timely new coronavirus testing. Bray encourages people to gather with relatives and friends through online video and other methods. Compared with closed indoor activities, it is recommended that people meet outdoors. In addition, holiday shopping can be ordered or picked up directly on the website to avoid going to physical stores to purchase and cause crowds to gather.

Chelsea Cipriano, a representative of the Municipal Health Bureau, pointed out that with the increase in new crown cases, employers must promptly report the infection of employees to the Municipal Health Bureau. The report is completely confidential, and the city government agency will not ask about the immigration status or insurance of the infected person, and will assist them in isolation and treatment. In addition, the infection of an employee will not affect the normal opening of the enterprise, but the employer and the infected person must assist in providing a list of close contacts, and isolate the infected person and the contact group.

Ariel Palitz, executive director of the City’s Nightlife Office, said that small businesses, if they encounter problems with negotiations or complaints, can seek help from the New York City Mediation Agency and Neighborhood Disputes (MEND NYC) program. The plan will help businesses resolve issues such as rent negotiations,

resident complaints and disputes. The service is free, and owners who need it can log on to the website:www.nyc.gov/mendnyc, or send an email to:MendNYCoath.nyc.gov for details.

For the implementation of outdoor dining projects in winter, the representative of the Municipal Transportation Bureau said that the city government will provide free sandbags and other installation items to catering companies in the near future, and will also provide additional assistance to some restaurants with limited outdoor dining areas . In addition, catering businesses can also follow the NoitifyNYC website and Twitter, the agency will remind businesses to prepare for the upcoming severe weather.

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Multiple agencies of the city government held online meetings to remind businesses and people to comply with various epidemic prevention guidelines. (Screenshot of the meeting)