Close to the earth, Hayabusa 2 has launched a separation exercise. A text is reminiscent of a question

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“I hear the bells in November”,”I feel the arrival of the earth”,”I feel pressure”, On November 3, the Japanese JAXA Hayabusa No. 2 team left such words on Twitter. There is anxiety in joy, because The Japanese Hayabusa-2 spacecraft carrying”unknown ore” has returned from hundreds of millions of kilometers, is now approaching the earth, and will soon appear near the earth.

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After approaching the earth, the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft will accurately drop the sample return capsule (SRC), and then exceed the second cosmic speed 11 .2Km/s flying over Australia, and then only 200 kilometers away from the ground, which is more than International Space Station is much lower, setting a space record again.

Hayabusa 2 will be launched soon “Separate Walkthrough”

In order to be able to accurately place the samples in the return cabin, the JAXA team plans to launch a name for Hayabusa 2 from November 4th.“Separation drill”, operation drill,”Separation drill”The purpose is to familiarize yourself with the operation of the sample return module and to quickly repair the state of the spacecraft after the return module is separated.

Not only the earth is moving at 29.78 kilometers per second The speed is flying, and the Japanese Hayabusa 2 is flying at a higher speed in order to catch up with the earth. Data shows that Hayabusa 2 is now at a speed of 30.80 km/s, so the sample return module must be accurately placed in the Australian U.S. The Murat test site requires a series of precise calculations, involving many parameters such as the flight speed of Hayabusa-2, the angle of approaching the earth, the height of the ground, and the rotation of the earth.

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Some experts describe that the difficulty of returning the Hayabusa 2 samples to the cabin is as difficult as hitting a high-speed moving bullet with a bullet Missiles, but the prerequisite is that bullets and missiles fly for a long time. Thinking about it, this is not false. Therefore, dropping objects from outer space and allowing them to accurately land in a certain area is definitely a technical task.

Fortunately, all these operations are not manual It is completed, but it is automatically controlled by the built-in computer of Hayabusa 2. What the JAXA team needs to do is to pass this “Separation drill” to familiarize yourself with the entire operation process and improve the sample returnCommandCode, thenYes Release the sample back to the chamber accurately.

Hayabusa 2 may be Bring back the future virus?

November 3, The JAXA Hayabusa 2 team also left another compelling text on Twitter:The return cabin recovery team is also paying close attention to the new corona virus. We have made a batch of masks, hoping to successfully collect the capsules soon, span>All members of the recovery team will bring this mask with a special logo to recover samples and return to the cabin.

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Seeing this text, it is easy to think of a chilling question, in the unknown ore brought back by Hayabusa 2 Does it carry an unknown virus?

Another theory about the origin of man It is pointed out that some comets may carry chemicals related to life. There may be round carbon-based molecules and aromatic ring complexes in comet crystals. They are the prerequisites for gestating life and can be regarded as the precursors of early life on the earth.

Scientists from the University of Tokyo, Japan, were outside the International Space Station I did an experiment on the survival of bacteria. I put 0.5mm large bacteria particles outside the International Space Station. After three years, some bacteria survived. This is because the outermost layer of bacteria forms a protective layer after the death, thereby protecting the middle layer of bacteria. .

As usual, the astronauts of the International Space Station are returning After the ground, there will be a half-month quarantine period. One of the important factors is that they may bring back a future virus, because the existence of extraterrestrial life is still unknown, and the existence of the virus is also unknown. .

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It can be seen that the possibility of virus in the unknown ore brought back by Hayabusa 2 cannot be ruled out, but the possibility is extremely small. Moreover, after the sample return cabin returns to the ground, it must be strictly isolated and disinfected just in case before it is used. Therefore, as people who eat melons, there is no need to”eat radish and worry about it.””.


p style=”text-align:justify”>In short, the Japanese spacecraft is approaching the earth step by step As of November 4th, the distance between Hayabusa-2 and the earth is only 12 million kilometers. If you have an old-style binoculars and know the exact position of Hayabusa-2, you can see it faintly in the dark. The light, all this is so incredible. For interesting scientific exploration content, please pay attention to the only WeChat public account:interesting exploration