Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Engels’ Birth, the British Music School”Engels Hall” Unveiled

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On the 20th local time, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary teacher Engels, the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester and the Chetham School of Music jointly held the”Engels Hall” unveiling ceremony in the Baron Hall of the Chetham Library in Manchester.”Engels Hall” will also assume the teaching function of the first Chinese music classroom in the UK. It will play an active role in enhancing the friendship and mutual understanding between the people of China and the UK and become a new milestone in China-UK cultural exchanges.

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According to Zheng Xiyuan, the Chinese Consul General in Manchester, Engels and Marx visited the Chetham Library many times during his life in Manchester. They looked up a lot of materials here, exchanged ideas, and brewed including the”Communist Manifesto”Many Marxist classics including”. This is a revolutionary sacred place that entrusts the working class of the world with infinite affection for revolutionary teachers.

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The bronze medal of the”Engels Hall” handed over to the Chetham School of Music was produced by the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts of China. The bronze medal was shipped to Manchester by air recently.

The co-principal of Chetham Music School, Tom Redmond, said that music is the best language of mankind. Engels loved music before his death. It is best for him to set up Engels Hall in Chetham Music School. The commemoration of the two countries also provides an ideal platform for cooperation in the field of music between the two countries and even broader exchanges. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Engels’s birth, our students specially rehearsed the fragment of”La Traviata” that Engels sang at his 70th birthday party and the read Pushkin poems, and played Beethoven music to pay tribute to him.

After the unveiling ceremony, Consul General Zheng and his entourage came to the Marx Reading Corner of Chetham Library to present a flower basket, where the desks and borrowing records used by Marx and Engels in the past are completely preserved. In front of the curved window that was kindly mentioned in Engels’ letters, the Education Counselor Zhao Jiang and the principal of Redmond recited the first chapter of Engels’ first book”The Situation of the British Working Class” in Chinese and English respectively. Duan, I would like to pay the highest tribute to the revolutionary teacher (Kang Xindong, a reporter from the Central Station)