Comprehensive news:Liaoning wins Xinjiang to win eight straight, Jilin wins over Qingdao

By yqqlm yqqlm

Xinhua News Agency, Zhuji, Zhejiang, November 4 (Reporter Huang Haoran) The 2020-2021 season China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) ushered in the 8th round of the final match day on the 4th. In the focus of the battle, the Xinjiang team center Zhou Qi accidentally injured and left the field. Liaoning defeated Xinjiang with the outstanding performance of Guo Ailun and Han Dejun with 121:108. Hao take eight straight wins.”All the people are soldiers” Jilin beat Qingdao.

In the first quarter of the game, the Xinjiang team quickly entered the state. As soon as Zhou Qi came up, he felt hot and hit a three-pointer from the outside. The defensive end also showed an inside barrier. In the second quarter, the situation changed suddenly. Zhou Qi injured his left foot in a non-confrontational defense and was then helped to leave the field. The Xinjiang team fell into a passive situation after losing the”big gate” inside, and the Liaoning team seized the opportunity to get closer to the score. At the end of the half game, the two teams drew 59:59.

Easy side to fight again, Xinjiang team guard Zeng Ling Xu took the offensive banner, continuous shots from inside and outside to help the team bite the score. The breakthrough of the Liaoning team Guo Ailun is like a”sharp knife” that continues to pierce the inside of the Xinjiang team. In the crucial fourth quarter, the Liaoning team opened the score under the joint play of Guo Ailun and foreign aid Mayo. The Xinjiang team never gave up, and the young players performed well, but the overall strength was slightly inferior, and eventually lost.

In this game, Guo Ailun of Liaoning team scored 35 points and 10 assists. Han Dejun scored 30 points and 13 rebounds.”Double-double”, foreign aid Mayo also scored 25 points. The Xinjiang team once ordered Xu to hand over a report of 24 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Zhou Qi played 16 minutes and scored 16 points and 6 rebounds.

In another game, five players from the Jilin team scored double figures and beat Qingdao 105:84. From the second quarter of the game, Jilin gradually established an advantage and played steadily. The Qingdao team appeared stretched on both ends of the offense and defense, and in the end only two players scored in double figures.

In the two games that ended earlier, Beijing Controls beat Tianjin 87:80 and won two consecutive victories. Shandong defeated Tongxi at 114:96. Shandong team’s foreign aid Harris and Tongxi team’s foreign aid Moultry started a scoring battle. They each scored 44 points, 10 rebounds and 32 points and 14 rebounds.

The 9th round of competition will start on the 5th. Among them, Sichuan played against Beijing and Guangdong played against Shanxi. Fujian, which has yet to win the game, has encountered Zhejiang, which is gaining momentum recently. (End)