Consul General of Turkey in Guangzhou:Reading China from a New Perspective

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=05a059a042cd5352f5aa38e125a0afb7 - Consul General of Turkey in Guangzhou:Reading China from a New Perspective△Kutlu Ayikan, Consul General of Turkey in Guangzhou (photographed by Liu Wenjun)

International Online News (Reporters Liu Wenjun and Jane Ozkimir):Kutru, Consul General of Turkey in Guangzhou During his participation in the 2020″Understanding China” International Conference (Guangzhou), Ayikan stated that under the world’s great changes, countries should understand China from a new perspective.

The 2020″Understanding China” International Conference (Guangzhou) opened in Guangzhou on November 20. Consul General Ayikan, who was invited to participate in the opening ceremony, pointed out in an exclusive interview with reporters from CCTV that the guests all emphasized in their speeches In order to understand the importance of China from a new perspective under the changing world situation. Only by”zero distance” with China can we discover a new perspective to understand China, and only with the principle of”seeing is believing” can we truly understand China. Ayikan emphasized that the participation of former politicians of many countries and their speeches at this international conference showed that the world’s perception of China has changed and that the world needs and should understand China.

Consul General Ayikan spoke highly of China’s achievements in fighting the epidemic. He pointed out that China is different from other countries in its national conditions. Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important driving force for China’s development. China has given great support to these enterprises. This is one of the reasons why China can quickly contain the new crown epidemic and achieve economic recovery. Ayikan said that the Chinese have a strong view of the overall situation. The Chinese people and the government work together to overcome the difficulties and form a huge joint force across the country. This is another reason why China has successfully controlled the epidemic.

Consul General Ayikan finally emphasized that Turkey is at the forefront of other countries in terms of understanding China. Turkey and China have great potential for cooperation in economic, political, and regional affairs, and the prospects are bright.