Countdown to the first anniversary of the Shantou Asian Youth Club, the emblem and slogan mascot released

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Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, November 21st (Reporters Zhan Yijia and Wang Haoming) On the first anniversary of the countdown to the 3rd Asian Youth Games, the Asian Youth Games Organizing Committee released its emblem, theme slogan and mascot on the 21st. Shantou, Guangdong, as the venue for the event, issued a warm invitation to Asian young athletes to gather together in the Asian Youth a year later.

At the press conference held that day, the emblem, theme slogan and mascot of the Shantou Asian Youth Association were unveiled one by one. According to the organizing committee’s information, the theme slogan”Tide, Shantou Rhyme, Moving Asia” combines the spirit of sports, Chinese culture and Shantou’s characteristic elements. The Youth Association leads the trend of Asian youth sports in the new era.

The emblem is based on the”red-head boat” taken by the overseas Chinese in Chaoshan area when they travel across the ocean. The graphic shows Asia The youthful and energetic spirit. The mascot”Golden Phoenix Baby” is based on Shantou’s flower Jin Fenghua, and incorporates local cultural elements such as Chaoshan residential”cuojiaotou”, boat shoes, etc., and transforms into the image of a Jinfenghua baby through anthropomorphism.

The construction of venues for the 3rd Asian Youth Conference is advancing in full swing. Chen Yuhang, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the Shantou Asian Youth Association, said that the Asian Youth Association has newly built 2 venues and upgraded 20 venues. It will undertake the opening and closing ceremonies of the main stadium project and the athletes’ village. 60%.

“The stadium and gymnasium of the main stadium project of the Asian Youth Conference will complete the construction of the steel structure and secondary structure in September, and enter the construction of fine decoration, prefabricated stands, metal roofing, curtain walls and other surface layers. The conference center The steel structure construction has started, and the main structure of the outdoor training ground has been completed.” said Tang Yu, production manager of the Asian Youth Stadium Project Department of the China Construction Eighth Bureau.

The”Image Progress Wall” of the Shantou Swimming and Diving Hall Reconstruction Project shows that in January this year, there were only two old swimming and diving halls on the construction site. In November, the comprehensive training hall and water polo hall New buildings such as table tennis halls, teaching buildings, and dormitories have been erected.

The Organizing Committee of the Shantou Asian Youth Association plans to start the first registration in November, the second registration in January next year, and the delegation heads meeting in April next year. Zheng Jiange, Mayor of Shantou City, said that the time period will be reversed, and the work tasks will be broken down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks, and the competition will be organized in accordance with”youthful vitality, cultural integration, intelligent creativity, green low-carbon, safe and healthy” The concept promotes the preparation work.

The Shantou Asian Youth Club will be held from November 20 to 28, 2021. There will be 18 competitions and 158 small events. The Asian Youth League is one of the five comprehensive sports games under the OCA, and the participating athletes are young people aged 14 to 17. (End)