Dark matter particles-axons:show string-like effects in the laboratory

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Axion (axion) was first proposed in the 1970s on the theory of quantum chromodynamics. Quantum chromodynamics describes some basic How the particles stay together in the nucleus. The problem is that the theory predicts some strange properties of known particles that are not observed. In order to solve the problem of maintaining the symmetry of charge parity in quantum chromodynamics, physicists proposed the hypothetical subatomic particle concept , Because it helps clear this theoretical confusion. According to string theory, axons seem to provide the most reasonable solution to the strong CP problem in quantum chromodynamics.

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< p style=”text-align:justify”>Physicists soon realized that Axion can also help solve the problem of the universe—— Dark matter problem. More than 80%of the matter in the universe is believed to be composed of a mysterious invisible dark matter. If axons are present and have a lower mass in a certain range, then axons are most likely to be a possible component of cold dark matter.

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Chinese particle physics scientists’discovered’ confirmed that axons are real particles that exist in nature. In nature, the energy spectrum of an axon particle is a linear particle equation motion mass of space dimension and one dimension, and axon particle uses a kind of energy axis to extend’one dimension time and space’ to make a linear transitionAngular momentum motion, the repulsive unipolar characteristic of the axon particle determines that it can only do the repulsive motion of one-dimensional linear equation, so the concept of axon particle is related to the “magnetic monopole” The collective term for the particle”neutrino particle” and”dark matter particle” repulsor.

So, if you can understand the axis , It can expand the way for neutrino particles and dark matter particles to solve the biggest problems in cosmology.

You can also use another way. Physicists can prepare exotic materials called topological insulators in the laboratory. These materials exhibit peculiar properties, such as conducting electricity on their surface while retaining electrical insulators in them. This material exhibits other strange behaviors. Sometimes their electrons gather together and move in a certain way, making the material appear to be made of”quasi-particles” with special properties such as axons. This can cause unexpected voltages on the material, which is called an abnormal Hall effect.

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Abnormal Hall effect, also known as anomalous Hall effect, refers to the conductance generated by the spontaneous magnetization of the material itself, so it is different from ordinary The Hall effect is completely different in nature, because there is no movement orbit deflection caused by the Lorentz force of the external magnetic field on the electrons.

Recently, the Japan Institute of Physics and Chemistry (RIKEN) The scientists of, have revealed a mathematical foundation that can explain how axons generate string-like entities, which can generate strange voltages in laboratory materials.

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The research team predicts that this kind of axon will appear in a topological insulator in this chord-like manner, and the axon in the topological insulator It should interact with light or photon particles in a different way than regular particles.

“The axis may have the correct characteristics, So physicists have been looking for signs of their existence in many experiments.”

Hidaka and his colleagues are now studying The theory that controls the interaction between axons and photons. Even if axons are point-like particles, the team calculated that within the material, light will actually interact with extended linear structures made of axons called axionic strings, which will cause Abnormal Hall effect, which has been observed in experiments.

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p style=”text-align:justify” >“We have found the underlying mathematical structure of this phenomenon.” The result of the research paper, titled:”Axon electrodynamics High formal symmetry and 3 groups”, published in the recent”Physics Communications B”.