Ding Junhui lost five consecutive games to O’Sullivan, missed the semifinals of Northern Ireland

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Chinanews client, November 21st. On the 20th local time, the 2020 Snooker Northern Ireland Open will start the quarter-final competition. In the most watched”Ding Olympic Games”, Ding Junhui was backed by O’Sullivan</span with a 2:0 lead. > Pulled 5 games in a row, and finally lost 2:5, missed the semifinals.

Ding Junhui and O’Sullivan have played more than 20 times. Ding Junhui is obviously at a disadvantage in historical data. However, in the last two encounters, the two won each:last year British Championship, Ding Junhui eliminated O’Sullivan in the fourth round. Eventually won the championship; and at the World Championships, O’Sullivan defeated Ding Junhui 13:10 in the second round and eventually won the championship.

In the previous game, Ding Junhui reversed and eliminated the four-time World Championship champion Higgins . Facing idol O’Sullivan this round, Ding Junhui continued his previous good state in the opening stage. After scoring 121 points and 87 points in a single stroke, Ding Junhui took a 2-0 lead.

However, starting from the third game, O’Sullivan launched a counterattack mode, and after a continuous single shot of 50+, the score went back to 3:2. After winning the sixth game 80:32, O’Sullivan won the match point. With another 79 points in one stroke, O’Sullivan eliminated Ding Junhui 5-2.

Another Chinese player Yan Bingtao lost to Grace with the same score of 2:5 and stopped by a quarter. One final. In the semifinals, O’Sullivan played against Carter, and Trump’s opponent was Grace. (End)

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