Do you want to make a wish? The Leo meteor shower comes to earth on the 17th

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=ef4e9fd93cfe88c72068760b9d9c32da - Do you want to make a wish? The Leo meteor shower comes to earth on the 17thThe annual Leo Meteor rain comes to the earth again. According to astronomical experts, the Leo meteor shower will usher in a great deal at around 19:00 on November 17, but because the Leo will only rise from the northeast around midnight, the interested public in our country can be at midnight on the 17th and 18th. Observe until dawn.

The mother comet of the Leo Meteor Shower is Comet Temple Tuttle, which orbits the sun once every 33 years. Every time the comet flies close to the sun, the intense sunlight on the nucleus of the iceberg will directly sublime the ice material on the surface of the iceberg, eject a large amount of gas, and continuously entrain many small pieces, Fine particles and dusty matter, when these fragments, particles and dust meet the earth, they will rush into the earth’s atmosphere at a high speed and stage a pleasing Leonid meteor shower.

“The Leo meteor shower has passed its peak period of about 33 years. It is now back to normal. The number of meteors is about 10 to 20 per hour. Although the flow is not very large, there are many bright Fire meteors, these meteors drag a long trail in the night sky, very beautiful.” Xu Wen, deputy secretary general of Tianjin Astronomical Society Say.

Astronomical forecasts show that this year the Leonid meteor shower will still not break out, and the zenith flow will be around 15 per hour.

“The 17th and 18th are on the third and fourth day of the lunar calendar, so they will not be disturbed by moonlight. After midnight, if the weather is clear and you are in a place with less light pollution, Looking at the starry sky, you may be able to appreciate several beautiful meteors with your naked eyes.” Xu Wen said.

(Source:Xinhua News Agency)