“Double Stars with Moon” staged in the night sky tonight

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On the evening of November 19th, Jupiter and Saturn”double stars with moon” will be shown in the night sky. Because Jupiter and Saturn revolve around the sun in a relatively different cycle, about every 20 years, there is a chance to appreciate the”wood-earth conjunction” scene.

Jupiter and Saturn are the two most massive planets in the solar system, and their revolution periods are 11.9 years and 29.5 years, respectively. On the evening of the 19th, they appeared in Tianyu in the southwest with the crescent moon on the fifth day. In addition, the weather in Beijing was clear tonight, and the viewing effect was very good. At this time, the first quarter moon is hanging in the low-altitude southwest, with Jupiter in the upper right corner of the moon, and Saturn in the upper left corner of the moon, forming a”double-star crisscrossing” trend. Jupiter is very bright, with a brightness of -2.7 magnitude, while the light yellow Saturn is much lower, only about 0.6 magnitude.

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