Dutch journalists”invaded” confidential EU meetings, China was forcibly”appeared”

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[Text/Observer Network Tong Li] The Minister of Defense of the Netherlands tweeted the leak of the password. The reporter heard the wind”invaded” the high-level video conference of the European Union, and appeared on the screens of the ministers. Just this, China will be forced to”appear”…

After so many years, can you update the routine?

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Video screenshot

According to a report on the US”Politico” (Politico) news website on November 20, a Dutch journalist suddenly broke into the secrets of the defense ministers of EU countries on the 20th. video conference. As for how he got in, I have to start with a Twitter photo sent by the Dutch Minister of Defense.

The video obtained by Politico shows that RTL Nieuws reporter Daniël Verlaan (Daniël Verlaan) appeared in a large window at the top of the video conference screen, and he himself looked”unbelievable”.

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Video screenshot

Unlike other attendees in suits and leather shoes, Vera was only wearing a black T-shirt, and then cheerfully waved to the ministers.

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Video screenshot

In the laughter of some officials, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell could only ask Vera:”You know you broke in Did you have a secret meeting?”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’m a Dutch reporter. I’m sorry to interrupt your meeting.” Vera still smiled.

“Do you know this is a criminal offence?” Borrell looked relaxed, but issued a warning.”You’d better quit before the police come.”

Soon, Vera said goodbye and disappeared from the screen.

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Video screenshot

Although many people couldn’t help but laugh after seeing the relevant video, this also raised serious questions about the security of the confidential EU meeting. Because the aforementioned video conference discussed a confidential document about the threats facing the EU, this will become the basis for the EU’s next defense strategy, the so-called”strategic guide.”

According to RTL, Vera was able to visit this meeting because”(Defense) Secretary Ank Bijleveld’s Twitter account briefly posted a photo above I can see the login address and part of the password.”

“After many attempts, RTL Nieuws successfully guessed the login password for this secret consultation, because the photos can see six The five digits of the digit password.”

A spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Defense told RTL that a staff member accidentally posted photos containing sensitive information on Twitter , Currently deleted.

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The current tweet of the Dutch Minister of Defense

Some EU officials pointed out that the Council of the European Union does not have a communications”security space” like NATO. Another senior diplomat called the scene”embarrassing.”

And another diplomat believes that the council is lucky, and the result of the invasion is not more serious:”Next time it may be a hacker, we will never laugh again.”

Council officials said that the”invasion” was illegal and they”will report to the relevant authorities.”

“We warned:from a security perspective, video conferencing is vulnerable to attacks. We have always been aware of this.” He also claimed that this is why video conferencing is”not a formal board of directors.” During the meeting, confidential issues cannot be discussed.”

In addition, in September this year, the General Secretariat of the Council proposed to introduce a new and safer video conferencing system, which is currently being considered by the member states.

Despite the harsh words of the European Union, Vera just tweeted to wish everyone a”Happy Weekend” at around 10pm Beijing time on the 21st.

Some netizens also questioned him about logging in to the meeting without authorization:”Imagine if you find that your neighbor hasn’t locked the door when he goes out, would you go in for a while, live broadcast, or call and tell them there is a problem?

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Social media screenshots

So far, I have played 50 big boards, and things are still understandable.

But what’s unbelievable is that in the RTL Nieuws report, one of their political reporters named Fons Lambie, in order to criticize the security of the meeting, claimed that “the meeting did not discuss other strict requirements. Confidential national affairs, but they are always classified meetings. Intelligence agencies from countries outside Europe are definitely willing to come and listen to such meetings, such as Russia or China.”

Assita Kanko, a member of the European Parliament from Belgium ) It is also said that such a high-level EU conference can be hacked without having to find a hacker.

She went on to Perel Borrell who persuaded Vera to”leave the meeting” and asked him,”What do you want to say about this? If they want, China can come and listen.” < /p>

This, this…it was the Dutch Ministry of Defense who accidentally leaked the conference password, and the reporter from RTL Nieuws who”invaded” the conference and wanted to make big news. What does this farce have to do with China?