End of suspense! Chinese team swept men and women championships

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Zhengzhou Evening News reported that after the Chinese team secured the men’s singles champion in advance, there is only one suspense left in the 2020 ITTF finals, which is Itomi Cheng can he become a contender for the women’s singles championship? But after the second women’s singles semi-final on the afternoon of November 21, this suspense also came to an end. Chinese player Wang Manyu defeated Japanese player Mima Ito and joined his teammate Chen Meng in the final.

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Mima Ito reached the semifinals after defeating Chinese player Wang Yidi 4-3. Maybe it was the 7-game contest with Wang Yidi, which consumed too much energy, and Mima Ito entered the state very slowly in the semifinals. Wang Manyu seized the opportunity to play two consecutive games 11 to 3 and 11 to 4.

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In the third game, Mima Ito, who was behind, strengthened her active offense, but her offensive did not pose too much threat to Wang Manyu. On the contrary, it was his own mistakes that allowed Wang Manyu to score again and again. 11 to 9, Wang Manyu won another round.

Wang Manyu, who had a three-game lead, became more relaxed in the fourth game. In addition to falling behind in the opening stage, Wang Manyu never gave Mima Ito any chance. 4-0, Wang Manyu became another Chinese player who entered the women’s singles final.

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After winning, Wang Manyu said:“It looks like it was easy to win today. This is because we have been well prepared before. Since this year, we have been studying Ito and have a thorough understanding of the opponent. It will go smoothly.”

After winning Ito, tomorrow’s Olympic Sports Center will reproduce the scene where Wang Manyu and Chen Meng competed for the championship last year. Chen Meng had won three consecutive championships before, and Wang Manyu had never won in the finals. Whether it is Chen Meng’s four consecutive championships or Wang Manyu’s first post-closing, this is quite interesting.

When looking forward to the finals, Wang Manyu is also very low-key:”I am very happy to be able to reach the finals, but there is still a significant gap in my strength compared with Meng Sister (Chen Meng), and her state this year is very Well, I just won the World Cup in Weihai. My goal is to get one point for one point, and one game for one game.”