Exports grow against the trend, the annual revenue of the bicycle industry will exceed 360 billion yuan

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Source:People’s Daily Overseas Edition

The annual revenue of the bicycle industry will exceed 360 billion yuan

On November 20, a reporter from the China Bicycle Association in Guangzhou It was learned at the”2020 China Bicycle Industry Conference” that this year’s industry revenue will exceed 360 billion yuan, an increase of 10%year-on-year, and exports to overseas markets such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc. continue to maintain a high growth momentum.

Seeking opportunities in crisis, exports grow against the trend

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is spreading worldwide, bicycles, electric bicycles It has become the first choice of many people for short-distance travel, and there is a buying boom all over the world.

According to statistics, from January to September this year, China’s exports of bicycles, electric bicycles and parts were US$5.093 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6.8%. Among them, 41.663 million bicycles were exported, an increase of 3.9%, the export value was US$2.434 billion, an increase of 12.0%; the export of electric bicycles was 1.197 million, an increase of 5.2%, and the export value was US$470 million, an increase of 2.7%.

“The total value of bicycles and electric bicycle parts imported from China in Europe in 2016 was about 1 billion euros, which has increased to 1.5 billion euros by 2019. It is expected to be close to 2 billion euros in 2020.” European Bikes Said Erhard Bucher, Chairman of the Federation of Industries.

Zhang Chonghe, chairman of the China National Light Industry Council, said that the bicycle industry should fully grasp the new opportunities of the European Union and other large imports of Chinese bicycles and the new trend of market demand along the”Belt and Road”.

The emergence of new business formats and the rise of new demand

The digital and intelligent transformation brought about by the 5G era, the”new wave” brought about by the new national standard of electric bicycles, and the distribution of fresh food and takeaway The emergence of business models such as, shared travel, etc., provides new opportunities for the development of the bicycle industry.

Liu Suwen, chairman of the China Bicycle Association, said that the trend of mid-to-high-end bicycle products is obvious, and the output of bicycles above 1,000 yuan has increased year after year.”In 2019, high-end products represented by lithium battery electric bicycles accounted for 13.8%of the total electric bicycle output, with an annual output of nearly 5 million units, a new high.”

It is reported that in recent years, China The annual sales of electric bicycles exceed 30 million, and by the end of this year, the social ownership will be close to 300 million.

Liu Baosheng, chairman of the China Battery Industry Association, believes that the demand for lithium batteries for electric bicycles will usher in a blowout. By 2022, the demand may increase more than three times compared with 2019.

Adapt to new trends and seize new opportunities.

As of now, there are 149 high-tech enterprises, enterprise technology centers, and enterprise engineering technology research centers recognized by relevant departments in the bicycle industry.

Zhang Chonghe said that the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still continuing, and the risks and challenges are increasing. The bicycle industry has a wide industrial chain, a large market scale, and a high degree of globalization. It must make a difference in helping to build a new development pattern.

According to the China Bicycle Association, during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, the Chinese bicycle industry will list high-efficiency lithium battery safety technology as a key technology to achieve breakthroughs, and will promote the release of leisure fitness and sports bicycles. , The consumption potential of electric assisted bicycles and other products.

“The bicycle industry must actively adapt to the new trends of post-epidemic changes in the global industrial structure, reshaping the economic structure, and restructuring the innovative layout, increase scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the promotion of high-end, lightweight, energy-saving and environmentally friendly , Basic research, scenario application and market development of intelligent network connection to enhance overall competitiveness.” Liu Suwen said.

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