FDA approves emergency use license for”antibody cocktail therapy” Trump used this law to treat new crown

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[FDA Approves Emergency Use License for”Antibody Cocktail Therapy” Trump once used this law to govern the new crown] Comprehensive Russian Satellite News Agency, Reuters According to news from the press, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the emergency use license for the”antibody cocktail therapy” of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. US President Trump received this treatment during his infection. The U.S. Approves Antibody Cocktail Therapy for the Treatment of New Coronary Disease The U.S. FDA stated that in clinical trials, two monoclonal antibodies were used at 28 Within days, the number of hospitalizations for patients with new coronary disease and emergency treatments for high-risk patients can be reduced. The FDA will continue to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of this exploratory therapy. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals of the United States said that the US government will allocate an initial supply of new crown vaccine and is expected to treat approximately 300,000 patients with new crown pneumonia. According to reports, Trump had previously used the”antibody cocktail therapy” when he was infected with the new coronavirus. After recovering, Trump praised the drug and promised to quickly approve the drug for the treatment of the new coronavirus. The United States approves antibody cocktail therapy for the treatment of COVID-19

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