Foreign media broke the news that Manchester United invites Ronaldo to return

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[Foreign media broke the news that Manchester United invites Ronaldo to return] According to Fox Sports’ football reporter Christian Martin on Twitter, Manchester United intends to invite Ronaldo to return:”Sources from Manchester and Porto confirmed that, Manchester United is considering inviting Ronaldo to return. And Ronaldo is analyzing and evaluating the return to Manchester United. Juventus is also willing to start negotiations.” Ronaldo joined Manchester United from the Portuguese sports transfer in 2003, after which he played six games for the Red Devils. This season, helped the team win 3 Premier League titles, 1 Champions League title, 1 World Club Cup title, 1 FA Cup title, 2 League Cup titles, and 2 Community Shield cup titles. Cristiano Ronaldo also won his first Golden Globe Award during his time at Manchester United. Earlier, the Spanish media”Daily Sport” broke the news that Juventus wanted to send Ronaldo away next summer.

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Source:People’s Sports