Foreign media:Yesterday, the air quality in the Indian capital was”the worst this year”

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Reuters reported that on the 10th local time, the air quality in the Indian capital deteriorated to”the worst level this year.” According to the report, a large number of netizens complained on social media about eye irritation, sore throat and breathing difficulties.

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Reuters:New Delhi this year’s air quality reached the worst level, residents complained about breathing difficulties p>

Reuters stated that Indian government statistics show that on that day, the air quality index in Delhi rose to 488, the highest this year Level. The previous day, the number was 477. It is understood that the larger the air quality index value, the more serious the air pollution situation, and the greater the harm to human health.

“The air in Delhi has become harmful. The coal-fired power plants around Delhi need to be shut down immediately along with construction activities,” the report quoted an Indian non-profit organization founder as saying.

However, reports say that Indian officials and companies are worried that the cessation of industrial activity may hurt the economy that has just rebounded from the record recession in the second quarter.

According to reports, earlier this year, in order to control the epidemic, the government imposed a nationwide blockade. The pollution in Delhi has almost disappeared. However, since the government began to lift restrictions at the end of August, the pollution has returned.

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