Four institutions rush to raise Australian and Yang Shunchang hot money to lighten up Nanfang Bearing

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Today’s index rose in early trading and fluctuated upwards. The market sentiment improved compared with the previous trading day. Nearly 2,200 companies in the two cities rose.

Four institutions rushed to raise Aoyang Shunchang

Four organizations rushed for 72 million yuan To raise Aoyang Shunchang, 2 institutions joined forces to buy Dongpeng Holdings for 25 million yuan, and 1 institution bought 27 million yuan Dongyue Silicon, the recent non-ferrous metals is one of the strongest branch lines in the market, and institutional funds have always been deployed for it.

On the news, there is a request for the expansion of automobile consumption by the State Council, Aoyang Shunchang:1. The company holds Jiangsu Tianpeng 100%shares, Jiangsu Tianpeng has 10 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing in the field of ternary materials; subsidiary Jiangsu Lvwei deploys lithium battery pack monitoring and packaging business; 2. MiniLED also has samples submitted to customers, and at the same time can provide customers with solutions; 3. The company is one of the main domestic LED chip suppliers, LED epitaxy and chip production capacity ranks first in the domestic industry Top three”.

Dongyue Silicon:This week, the price of organic silicon products soared by about 6,000 yuan/ton, entering the”30,000 yuan” era again. Since the end of August, the price has increased by 14,000 yuan/ton, an increase of nearly 100%. Shandong Dongyue Organosilicon Material Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and sales of organosilicon materials. The main products include silicone rubber, silicone oil, fumed silica and other downstream deep-processing products of organic silicon, as well as organic silicon intermediates. The recent average cost is 16.03 yuan, and the stock price is operating above the cost.

The main funds were 100 million yuan to buy 16 shares

The data monitored by the quantitative terminal of E investment finance showed that the main net purchases were 360 ​​million yuan yesterday, and the bulls had the upper hand. In terms of institutions, among the key institutional trading seats, 18 stocks were traded yesterday. The institution bought 16 stocks for a net purchase amount of about 370 million yuan, and the institution sold 2 shares net for a sale amount of 10.082 million yuan.

One institution bought 36 million yuan, and Shenzhen Stock Connect made a net purchase of 130 million yuanTianqi Lithium Industry , Stimulated by the news”The National Standing Committee’s request to expand automobile consumption and launch a new round of Cars to the countryside“, the entire automobile sector Strong, among which Tianqi Lithium is the largest automobile manufacturer in Liaoning Province and the largest domestic light passenger car manufacturer. The company has four major production processes:stamping, assembly and welding, painting, and final assembly, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 vehicles. With the joint purchase of institutions and foreign capital, new energy vehicles have always been a popular direction for institutional layout, especially in lithium batteries. Follow-up attention will be paid to the fermentation of the news and the premium.

Shangtang Road hot money did T lighten upSouth Bearing

In terms of hot money, the key tracked yesterday Among the active hot money seats, there were a total of 7 transactions, of which 3 were net purchases, with a net purchase of 51.22 million yuan, 4 were net sales, with a net sale of 35.49 million yuan, and a total net purchase of 15.73 million yuan.

Guojun Shanghai Branch bought 186 million yuan in hot moneyTianqi Lithium, a hot topic on Friday , The famous hot money used a large order of 100 million yuan at a relatively low level to strongly intervene in the board. Hangzhou’s Shangtang Road seats were bought for 10 million and sold for 20 million. South Bearing, the stock changed significantly on the previous trading day, but today Continue to work, on the top of the list to lighten up the position of T, pay attention to the fund undertaking.

In general, the sector has a relatively fast pace of rotation, the market is out of the structural market, the index can operate at a low volume, and the over-the-counter funds remain on the sidelines. Follow the weekend news.