God reincarnates? That little table used to humiliate Vucic, now it’s Trump’s turn to sit

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Trump likes to sit behind the”Perseverance” table and give interviews vigorously

26th local time, Trump held a lengthy press conference at the White House after attending a Thanksgiving event to greet the soldiers to vent his dissatisfaction with the president’s defeat.

In the press conference, Trump is as usual In general,”without silence”, he once again pointed out that the election was manipulated. After being interrupted by reporters, Trump rebuked the other party as”insignificant” people and warned him”Never talk to the president in that way.”

After the press conference, Trump returned Tweets continued to complain. In the tweet, he complained:”I had a (time) long press conference, and once again realized that the fake news media are all colluding, so that the real information of such press conferences cannot be sent. Go out. (I answered questions at the press conference) The main point is that the 2020 general election was manipulated and I won!”

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Trump looked cramped after sitting at the small table

The US general election has come to an end, and Biden’s victory is a foregone conclusion. Trump’s judicial battles in various states have failed to restore the overall situation for him, and Trump himself has promised that if the Electoral College votes for Biden, he will leave the White House. If nothing happens, Biden will take office as President of the United States in January.

And this conference, it’s Trang Pu’s last complaint to the outside world. Although the outside world is tired of Trump’s complaints, many people still found bright spots in this press conference.

During the press conference, Trump sits A small chair with a small table in front of him. Trump, who is 1.9 meters tall, sat awkwardly at the table. Some people who are attentive find that this table is very similar to the”sorrowful little table” when Wu Qiqi was in the White House in September.


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Wu Qiqi is like”under trial” generally accepted by Trump

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In September this year, Serbian President Vucic went to the United States to sign the During the Cooperation Treaty, Trump arranged for a small table. Vucic, who was nearly two meters tall, was tall and almost curled up on a chair arranged by the White House, and Trump’s large”resolute” table. In sharp contrast.

For the sake of national interest, the tortoise flinches and smiles Vucic, who signed the contract, and Trump sitting in a large and comfortable office chair formed a more obvious”sense of gap.”

Vucic’s signing is also considered the White House The classic behavior of”belittle others and raise oneself”. When receiving the presidents of other countries, the White House did not care about his face in the slightest, letting him show the attitude of”inferiority” in front of TV cameras. This is also a miniature of the US hegemony in the world.

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Wuqiqi who makes a strong smile on the small table

< p style=”text-align:start”> and Trump sitting on this small table makes people have a kind of”feng shui” The feeling of taking turns. Trump, a burly figure, sat behind a small table and complained of failure, but it made people feel pitiful.

Some netizens commented and mocked their tweets”Trump held a press conference at the children’s table”, and some people questioned whether Trump is already packing up and preparing to run away. It is recommended to check whether the”Perseverance” table has been stolen by him.

Different from previous high spirits, Trump His downfall means that he has gradually begun to accept the defeat of the election. At this time, Trump needs to vent like a resentment, and he no longer cares about the venue of the press conference, or that he believes that the mainstream media of”collusion” is responsible for his failure and is not qualified to stand”resolute.” Listen to him at the table.

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President Kennedy is working on the”Fortitude” desk, which has a long history

The”Perseverance” table is a favorite of Trump desk. This desk is based on the British wooden battleship”Fortitude”, which has been in the White House for more than 140 years.

After Trump entered the White House in 2017 He spent more than US$3 million to renovate the White House, and the furnishings in the Oval Office were replaced by him. Only this”resolute” table was left, showing the weight of this table in his heart. In the past four years, many photos of Trump in the White House are based on him sitting behind this desk.

even signed with Vucic in September At the time of the agreement, he also insisted on sitting at this table and set up small tables on both sides of the table to allow foreign guests to sit; but this time, Trump has placed a small table in the corner of the office to speak. It shows his extreme dissatisfaction with the media.

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Trump behind the”resolute” table

Maybe the 2020 election is indeed, as Trump said, there are tricks. Biden’s famous”Biden curve” and the”suddenly emerging” postal ballots have given the outside world some insight into the general election situation. But even if Biden rubbed the word”democracy” on the ground, all walks of life in the United States still selectively”played deaf and dumb,” which shows how Trump’s mass foundation is.

When the situation is over, Trump He has been unable to change the overall situation, and as Trump has begun to accept reality, in fact his”complaints” will not last long. Some media analysis said that Trump has begun to”hand over power” with the Biden team, which means that the two sides have reached some kind of agreement, and Trump should not be liquidated by the Democratic Party after Trump steps down. And now Trump’s focus is likely to have been on 2024.