Goertek shares are favored by Shenzhen Stock Connect, net purchases for 3 consecutive days

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On November 17th, GoerTek received a net purchase of 4.2073 million yuan on Shenzhen Stock Connect, which is a continuous Net purchases on the 3rd, total net purchases of 265 million yuan, the stock price fell 9.18%during the period.

Securities Times•Databao statistics show that on November 17th, the northbound fund transactions net purchases of 53 million yuan. Among the active stocks of Shenzhen Shanghai Stock Connect, Goertek’s trading volume was 1.071 billion yuan throughout the day, and net purchases of 4.2073 million yuan were continuous Net purchase on the 3rd day, during which the stock received a total of 2.656 billion yuan in Shenzhen Stock Connect, and a total net purchase of 265 million yuan.

The latest closing price of GoerTek’s shares was 39.69 yuan, which rose by 1.28%today. During the consecutive net purchases of Shenzhen Stock Connect, the stock price fell by 9.18%. During the period, the Shanghai Stock Exchange index rose by 0.04%. The industry fell 1.38%.

In terms of capital flow, today Goertek received a net outflow of 415 million yuan in main funds. During the period of continuous net purchases by Shenzhen Stock Connect, the cumulative net outflow of main funds was 2.582 billion yuan.

According to the data on margin trading and securities lending, the stock’s latest (November 16) balance of the two financings was 3.197 billion yuan, of which the financing balance was 2.851 billion yuan, and the financing balance increased by 298 million yuan in the past 10 days. It is 11.68%.

On October 23, the company’s three-quarter report data showed that in the first three quarters, the company achieved a total operating income of 34.730 billion yuan, an increase of 43.90%year-on-year, and a net profit of 2.016 billion yuan, an increase of 104.71%year-on-year. On October 23, the company announced its 2020 performance forecast. It is expected to achieve a net profit of 2.753 billion yuan to 2.881 billion yuan, a year-on-year change range of 115.00%to 125.00%.

In terms of institutional ratings, the stock was bought by 19 institutional ratings in the past month. The highest target price is expected to be Orient Securities. The research report issued by Orient Securities on October 26 gave the company a target price of 58.29 yuan. (Data treasure)

Recently Goertek’s active stocks on the Shenzhen Stock Connect list

date Buy amount (100 million yuan) Amount sold (100 million yuan) Net transaction (100 million yuan) The day’s change (%)
11.17 5.38 5.33 0.04 1.28
11.16 4.80 3.43 1.37 -5.50
11.13 4.43 3.19 1.24 -5.10
11.10 4.50 3.96 0.54 -3.59
11.09 5.72 3.58 2.14 -2.60
10.30 5.39 5.45 -0.07 -6.26
10.29 4.94 4.25 0.69 1.55
10.28 6.25 3.89 2.36 6.05
10.27 5.88 2.49 3.39 2.51
10.21 1.63 4.57 -2.94 -2.14

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