good news! Nanning realizes simultaneous issuance of electronic business licenses and electronic seals

By yqqlm yqqlm

Yesterday (November 20), the legal representative of Guangxi Guohui Enterprise Management Service Group Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the certificate after completing the business registration procedures in the Nanning District Administrative Service Hall of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone Electronic business license and electronic seal have become the”first person” in Guangxi to receive electronic photos and electronic seals simultaneously.

On the same day, with the opening of the Nanning electronic seal public service platform, Nanning took the lead in Guangxi to realize the simultaneous issuance of electronic business license + electronic seal.

It is reported that the establishment of an electronic seal platform is one of the important contents of Nanning City’s 100-day campaign to optimize the business environment. At present, the Nanning Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau has completed the construction of the electronic seal platform, so that the physical seal and electronic seal of the newly established enterprise have the same type of material and electricity. In the future, companies will be able to receive four electronic seals filed by the public security organs for free in the WeChat mini program. The electronic seals have the same legal effect as the physical seals.

After the electronic seal platform is built, it can realize the data integration with the digital government integration platform. The electronic seal generated by the city-level platform is directly stamped in the relevant business processes of the government integration platform to promote Government service matters are transformed from offline windows to online full-process online offices.