Good voice ends, Dongyang girl Shan Yichun wins the championship

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November 20th from Jinhua News Client Reporter Tang Xuyu

Tonight, the Voice of China Finals will be held at the Wuhan Gymnasium. After nearly 3 hours of competition, Dongyang girl Shan Yichun won the championship.

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In the finals, Shan Yichun gave everyone a surprise again. Through her singing, Eason Chan’s”Long Time No See” was given a new feeling. The previous”Voice of China” can be said to be a super IP that runs through these years, so the night of the championship has attracted much attention. Shan Yichun’s mother, Shan Meifang, was invited to watch the game. She also posted her Moments for the first time:Thanks for the touch and beauty along the way, everyone’s love and encouragement to Yichun! Sing for love, tears will always fill your eyes! In the college entrance examination this year, Shan Yichun was admitted to the Music Performance (Pop Music) major of the Popular Music Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music with his professional first score. This year’s good voice, she successfully joined the Li Jian team. This year, the best voice out of the circle is undoubtedly Shan Yichun’s”Love That Never Losses”. There are countless covers on all major platforms, and even the original singer himself has become popular again.

Before the start of”The Voice of China”, the official Weibo also selected the best popular student of this season, that is, Shan Yichun, who was able to win this award and the fans have always been behind Silent support is inseparable, and it shows the high popularity. Someone commented that Shan Yichun, as an 18-year-old girl, showed a good voice beyond her age on the stage of good voice.

Shan Yichun comes from Dongyang Sandan Township and studied in Dongyang No. 3 Middle School in high school. Affected by her mother who loves to sing, she has liked music since she was a child, and showed outstanding musical talent in high school. In the second half of the second semester of high school, I decided to take the music road for the art exam.

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