Greek businessmen launch anti-epidemic theme Christmas candles:bring masks to Santa Claus

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Chinanews.com, November 21. According to the Greek”China Greek Times” report, less than one and a half months before Christmas 2020, products related to Christmas celebrations are gradually on the shelves. However, this year under the envelope of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, these products that bring everyone warm and happy also have some special colors.

According to reports, Alexios, a candle maker from the northern Greek town of Thessaloniki ·Alexios Gerakis, combined with the current situation of fighting the epidemic, ingeniously combined epidemic prevention and Christmas candles to emphasize the necessity of wearing masks.

The 37-year-old Gerakis specially made a Santa-like decorative candle for this Christmas, and did not forget to put on a large blue surgical mask for Santa.

He said:”Different from previous years, this year we are trying to convey this message:Only by having health can we have more.”

He added:”For all of us Whether this year’s Christmas holiday can be celebrated as before is still a question mark. But no matter what the situation is, we must maintain an optimistic and positive attitude and believe that one day we will overcome the epidemic.” (Zhang Wei)


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