Guardiola enjoys the freedom to coach Manchester City

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[Guardiola enjoys the freedom of coaching Manchester City] Guardiola officially renews his contract with Manchester City until 2023, despite previous concerns There are many speculations about Gua Shuai’s future, but Man City still firmly trusts and supports Gua Shuai. This is the key to Gua Shuai’s choice to renew. The famous journalist Balague also revealed some details behind the scenes.”He is very happy at Manchester City and can control the competitive level. Unlike at Barcelona and Bayern, Manchester City’s internal affairs have never been exposed. Coach In the last season of Barcelona, ​​the atmosphere in the team was very tense and it was difficult for Guashuai. In Bayern, he had to explain his arrangements to the big guys after every game, so he did not renew his contract. In Manchester City, there is no need to face these.”

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